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5 Emerging Natural Products Trends

April 16, 2016

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We’ve been in business for 18 years, which has allowed us to witness (and participate in) the natural product explosion. What was once taking up a corner of the grocery store now pervades our lives. This is why we think it’s important to make some sense of the clutter and identify the key trends we’re seeing in the natural product world, the trends that are worth paying attention to and that may or may not ultimately be the healthy choice for consumers.

1. Protein, protein, protein

While whey is a protein mainstay, plant-based proteins are really gaining a foothold. The category is so big and so hot that brands are now differentiating their proteins with functional benefits like “Vegan Protein Slim”. We see a big opportunity in plant-based proteins because the flavors leave much to be desired. There is substantial progress to be made here and our Smooth80™ rice protein and Clean Cream™ can help.

2. Large, bold nutritional and certification tags

Natural product companies know they have savvy consumers so they are now boldly and proudly displaying the nutritional and certification tags, among the most prevalent are non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, Banned Substance-Free, and NSF-certified. While at the surface these claims point to a better product, be forewarned:

A. Non-GMO doesn’t significantly move the needle in human health. In fact, it may inhibit human progress as the consumer mistakes the logo for “good” and “healthy.” In other words, you can have non-GMO fructose and acquire non-GMO diabetes with continued use.

B. Gluten-free is also over-represented, largely catering to a small niche of consumers. The “Gluten-free” tag also appears to be confused with “good” and “healthy” which also stymies progress toward healthier humans.

3. Omegas and probiotics are still giant

Omegas are now differentiating by a few different factors including production process (i.e. CO₂ extraction), higher concentrations (90%+), high DHA content, and uniqueness like Omega 7. Omegas seem to be good; but prebiotics and probiotics appear to offer much more significant benefit to human health. Look to prebiotics for advancements without the manufacturing difficulties associated with probiotics.

4. Cognition is the new kid on the block

Natural, organic energy and focus has become a significant category. We can’t be more excited about the way TeaCrine answers to that marketplace demand.

5. Healthy oils

MCTs and coconut oils are everywhere, especially coconut. Coconut has found its way into everything. Healthy fats will be everywhere in a year’s time, and the offerings will widen to include macadamia nut oil and more.

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