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CSI Tasting Room: Sweet Proteins Review (BPN Supps + Remix Nutrition)

sweet proteins review
September 16, 2020

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Protein powder is a staple in any health/fitness enthusiasts regiment. Fortunately for everyone, protein powder flavors have improved tremendously in the past couple years alone. We’re seeing more and more innovative and unique flavors and more and more authentic collaborations with food and beverage manufacturers, which is why we wanted to do a sweet proteins review.

Our series, CSI Tasting Room, aims to look at different formulas and products and dive deeper. We examine what makes a product innovative, what products will help you achieve your goals, and why ingredients make such a difference.

Sweet Proteins Review: Nutter Bar Blast (BPN Supps) & Hostess CupCakes (Remix Nutrition)

On this episode of CSI Tasting Room, we taste test and review both BPN’s Nutter Bar Blast Whey Protein and REMIX Nutrition’s Hostess Cupcakes Premium Protein Blend. One flavor is incredibly unique and innovative and the other flavor is an authentic collaboration with Hostess! Check out the video below for our thoughts and follow the link below to purchase to try for yourself!


Improving Protein Powder

If you’re new to the fitness and nutrition world, you might not remember the chalky, poorly mixing, roughly flavored protein powders of ten years ago and you’re lucky for that. Today’s protein powders typically taste amazing, mix smooth, and have great creamy textures. Companies have nailed their flavoring and turned to favorite food and beverage brands to get authentic flavors in protein powder.

Other companies have added ingredients like our Clean Cream® to improve the texture of their products without adding any junk to their formulas.

It’s exciting to see how far protein powders have come and even more exciting to imagine the possibilities in the future!


If you want to purchase BPN’s Nutter Bar Blast or REMIX Nutrition’s Hostess CupCakes to try for yourself, check out these links below:……

Be sure to comment your thoughts about the review!

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