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(Even Better)Good Fats: Introducing goFAT® Olive Oil

goFAT® Olive Oil Fat Powder
January 27, 2021

goFAT® Olive Oil Fat Powder is 50% extra virgin olive oil on prebiotic acacia. This is the new era of good fats; an unrefined, nutrient-rich fat powder. The olive oil from Boundary Bend, makers of Cobram Estate®, has won the world’s best olive oil 7 years in a row. It is fully preserved in nutritional impact within four hours of harvest. Simply put,  goFAT® Olive Oil is as good as it gets. We’re talking about the benefits and uses of the newest addition to our goFAT® suite in this quick guide. If you’re already in love with the idea of adding this to your formulas, contact us now to get ahead of your competitors.


Why Olive Oil Powder

You’d be hard-pressed to find another award-winning extra virgin olive oil powder in the world, so partnering with Boundary Bend is very special indeed. Their olive oil contains a decent percentage of unsaturated fat, something that can cause rancidity in most oils, but not in this one. goFAT® Olive oil powder stirs nicely into applications, including water.


See goFAT® Olive Oil in Action

goFAT@ Olive Oil

Latest search trend between “Coconut Oil” versus “Olive Oil”. Get ahead of the competition when you contact us now.

A significant reason to formulate with olive oil powder is the stratospheric rise in vegan products. While MCT and macadamia nut are vegan, goFAT® Olive Oil has great texture and neutral flavor AND is a vegan-friendly fat that makes a difference in any ingredient lineup.

Smart for Formulators?

Yes! Vegan proteins, creamers, and MRPs have been stuck with their trusted MCT or vegan sunflower oil powder. But an issue we know to be true is that too much MCT can cause GI problems.  While we all know the benefits of olive oil, finding it in powder form has proven to be challenging. For this reason alone, olive oil fat powder is uniquely valuable for vegan formulas.

When it comes to supplements, olive oil powder offers great value for those who want to create standout fat-based shakes, MRPs, coffee creamers, greens, collagen blends, intermittent fasting support, and gut health products (when added to other prebiotics). Formulators and anyone interested in creating a supplement specifically addressing the vegan, keto, low-carb and/or healthy fat community have a new, easy-to-work-with fat option.


Benefits of goFAT® Olive Oil

goFAT® olive oil is ideal for anyone who is interested in good fats, gut health, weight management, vegan, and general wellness. It combines metabolic health and gut health into one superfood fat on prebiotic acacia.

Main features to consider:

  • Vegan
  • Prebiotic
  • Low-glycemic healthy fat

Applications for goFAT® Olive Oil Fat Powder

Legally, we can’t say “it goes anywhere!” But really, this powder is soluble and neutral enough to go anywhere. Being creamier and soluble in cold and hot liquids, it is ideal for use wherever you’d like to increase your healthy fats where you once used other fat powders.

goFAT® Olive Oil Fat Powder

This includes:

  • Collagen
  • Coffee
  • Shakes
  • MRPs
  • Greens
  • Adaptogens
  • Super foods
  • Coffee Creamer


The Takeaway

Finally, there is a superfood fat powder with a global health halo. MCT or sunflower seed oil are not the only vegan-friendly fat sources for formulators anymore. By integrating goFAT® Olive Oil fat powder from Compound Solutions and Boundary Bend, makers of Cobram Estate®, you are generating brand new interest in the healthy fat space from individuals who are mindful about not just getting more good fats in their supplements, but the highest quality of fats.


Are you a fast-mover, ready to get ahold of goFAT® for your line? Contact us.

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  • Tasvira Gokul says:

    PLEASE SEND sample along with spec sheet and nutritional information. Then send pricing based on MOQ of 1 pallet.

    • Kelsey says:

      Hi Tasvira!
      Cierra will email you about this. Thanks so much!

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