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How to Make Your Plant Protein Stand Out

Plant Protein
April 5, 2021

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Your plant protein may be boring. Here’s how to make it stand out in a new way.

Plant based protein has created an entire new category of health and wellness that goes far beyond what we thought we could only accomplish with traditional whey protein. The question always was, “what whey protein are you using?”. Now plant protein sources have created an entire new category that has consumers demanding more . However, the consumer has brought forward the expectations of taste and texture from their whey experiences, making it difficult for formulators to match the taste and consistency of new plant based proteins.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas that meet consumers at the finish line.

Unique Carb Sources with a Story

carb10 plant protein Carbs add more than nutrition to the label of plant based proteins, they add consistency and value. Use of low glycemic carbohydrates will allow for a thicker plant based protein texture when mixed. For bonus points, consider a vegan source carbohydrate like Oat Fiber or Buckwheat fiber. Finally, consider a vegan carbohydrate with prebiotic fiber starch that is also low-glycemic like our Carb10®.



New Fats

Plant protein with fatsFats have become a staple in plant based protein as they create the opportunity to add unique texture and may provide a more full mouth feel experience. This is a perfect opportunity to formulate with unique fats to draw consumers in. First of its kind, Olive Oil Powder (as goFAT® Olive Oil), is a prebiotic + superfood fat powder that has an incredible taste, natural benefits of antioxidants and provides a great mouth feel experience. Clean Cream® is a perfect solution for those seeking to formulate for “off-notes” and match the texture of dairy or whey options. Great examples of this include MyProtein’s The Plant Protein and BEAM’s Vegan Protein which both use Clean Cream®.

COMING SOON: vegan goCOCOA®, for next level innovation.


Innovative Additions

Innovating future plant proteinWhile both unique fats and carbohydrates are at the early stages of their trends in plant protein, consider making a new trend with these options. Add in an organic adaptogenic blend such as PeakO2® similar to Four Sigmatic. Consider using unique sweeteners that are unavailable to the competition such as Reb-M Stevia. And finally, consider that plant proteins can usually benefit from additional amino acids, making Amino9® a perfect performance companion to the ultimate plan protein. iXOS® is the perfect addition for brands seeking a unique carbohydrate with gut-health benefits. 


Standing out from competition in the plant based protein space can be challenging. This is why constant innovation is key to your success in the space, especially when whey weighed heavily in the hearts of protein loyalists for years.

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