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goBHB® is a patented ketone body called beta-hydroxybutyrate, a breakthrough energy supplement from Compound Solutions. When eating a low-carb diet, the liver converts fats to ketones, which serve as an alternative energy source for the brain, heart, and muscles.

goBHB mixed in pre-workout

goBHB® is a ketone body that can deliver a boost to athletes, gamers, busy professionals, biohackers, and low-carb dieters. goBHB® is not only a great fuel source for the brain and the body, but it also helps with satiety. Therefore, it is primarily used for weight management, cognitive and physical performance. Ketone bodies include acetoacetate, acetone, and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which facilitate mental and physical performance.




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With goBHB®, you are ingesting a ready-to-use carbohydrate-free ketone body, resulting in more energy, performance, and focus without the oxidative stress associated with sugar carbs.






Organoleptics & Features

Calcium is a bit chalky. Sodium and Potassium are salty. Magnesium is a bit metallic. A 2:1:1 ratio of Ca:Na:Mg is fairly neutral and lend themselves to tropical/citrus flavoring like tangerine, watermelon, lime, pineapple, cucumber and more. All have hygroscopic properties, but Potassium is too hygroscopic to use in large quantities in powders.

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  • Patented
  • Good in RTD’s.
  • Potassium is most soluble.
  • Carbohydrate-free energy for muscle and brain*
  • Ketones may lower ghrelin and appetite (Stubbs, 2018)*
  • Help stimulates “metabolic shift” away from glucose dependence*
  • Support cognitive health (Amiel, 1991)*
  • Provides clean energy for exercise (Chioleroo, 1993)*
  • Supports low-carb lifestyle
  • Supports a ketogenic diet
  • BHB is an important signaling molecule in the regulation of metabolism
  • Exogenous ketones may help support energy requirements for those following a low carb diet, especially during the transition to ketosis
  • Emerging research suggests BHB may support brain and cognitive health
  • Emerging research suggests BHB may support healthy gene expression




Mechanism of Action

Ketone bodies include acetoacetate, acetone and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which facilitate mental and physical performance. goBHB® is a ketone body delivering an immediate boost of energy and performance to athletes, busy professionals and “Biohackers” looking for an edge.

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a ketone body providing a direct energy source to the brain and muscles. You do not have to be in a ketogenic state to benefit from goBHB®. Even those with low carbohydrate diets can experience the benefits of higher energy and better performance.

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Why People Love goBHB®

goBHB testimonial Josh Blake

"I have never, honestly never, felt so mentally switched on, so alert, so focused, so dialed-in, so cognitively enhanced… than when I was following a strict ketogenic diet and had reached ketosis. But by supplementing with goBHB I am able to experience all those effects without needing to be in ketosis."

Josh Blake

Massive Joe's

goBHB keto product Keto Activate

"When formulating “Keto Activate” we wanted to make the highest quality Keto formula in the market with only the best ingredients. Using goBHB was a no-brainer, it was the only BHB that gave us immediate results in terms of focus and reaching ketosis, it also mixed really well and tasted good with Stevia."


gobHB testimonial Brook York

"I absolutely love having a product like this with the addition of goBHB salts for me allows my body to use this as a source of clean natural energy, and at the same time an increase in focus. I personally notice a massive different when utilizing ketones into my low carb lifestyle."

Brook York

CSI Ambassador

"I don't do keto but I fast, so when I use goBHB in the AM, I definitely benefit from the energy."

Justin Hall

Supplement Snoop

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