We Are Your Innovation Partner

We took a stand that we would provide and continuously pursue only the most unique and effective ingredients with the potential to impact human nutrition. But ingredients are nothing without you. We’ll support you from concept to launch and beyond so innovative products can reach consumers’ hands and change their lives for the better.

Our Process


We’re experts at matching your product development goals with ingredients (ours or not). We also regularly distribute trend and formulation guides to inspire new product innovation.


We supply same-day samples. You’re excited to start, we won’t slow you down. We work with you through the possibilities for what will serve your customers best, meet cost requirements, and stand out from the competition. We’ll deliver the scientific details you can use to craft your product’s value proposition.


We are organoleptically obsessed and can taste, test, suggest until the complete product is undeniably perfect. We can leverage our network to get you what you need to make your product feel, smell, look and taste right.

Product Launch and Support

We will work with you through ingredient licensing agreements and label requirements to expedite the launch process.

Marketing and Sell Through

Anytime is a good time for a good story. We’re always game to collaborate on content that will entertain and educate, and ultimately guide our big (and growing!) end-user audience to your product.

Pipeline Planning

Based on your audience and desired growth schedule, we’ll line up new ideas for line expansions or innovative reformulations. We always have new ingredients up our sleeves. Once you’re in, you’ll always be first to know.

What We Offer

Nutraceutical distribution of patented and/or trademarked sports nutrition and wellness ingredients

Continuous development and supply of new, science-based ingredients

Sole supplier of several proprietary ingredients

Transparent, blanket pricing and supply chain management

NSF-audited facility; registered with the FDA and follows GMP guidelines

Thorough technical documentation, from allergen statements to nutritionals

Analytical testing, from test methods to routine Certificate of Analysis testing

On-site audits of all manufacturers

Organoleptic testing

Research: from performing clinical studies to supporting substantiation

Our Services

contract manufacturer

Formulation Support

From concept to finished product; including cost analysis, target market and positioning.

Marketing Support

Collaborations and materials to support launch and sell-through.


Organoleptic Testing

Taste, smell and solubility analysis.

Same-Day Samples

All requests received before noon PST go out the same day.

Global Warehousing

Global warehousing for fast delivery!

Market Trend Analysis

Regular delivery of innovation suggestions that align with market trends.

Dedicated Support Team

No phone trees. You’ll get direct contact with your support team every time.

Contact us for more information, we are here to help.
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