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Your Customer’s Best Self Starts with a Unique, Patented Combination

Best Self starts with Caffeine TeaCrine Dyanmine
December 21, 2023

As a formulator, you’ve seen countless ingredients come and go, each one hailed as the next big thing. But every so often, a combination comes along that lives up to the hype – Caffeine-TeaCrine®Dynamine™ (CTD).

New research tells a compelling performance story that resonates with go-getters and good-energy seekers everywhere–your customers. The data show that CTD can boost mental stamina, reaction time, focus and precision during intense cognitive challenges – exactly what’s needed to excel in today’s fast-paced, distraction-filled world.

Envision your customer taking your product containing CTD and crushing their big presentation. Or a gamer staying sharp and accurate in a high-stakes tournament because of your product. The real-world applications are meaningful, from students acing exams to entrepreneurs growing their businesses.

caffeine-dynamine-teacrine helps students be their best selves

Even better, CTD provides these real-world benefits without the energy crash or jitters of caffeine alone. You’ll provide your customers with a clean, smooth and sustainable edge.

No gimmicks, just solid science.

CTD is more than ingredients on a label – it’s the beginning of the inspiring, aspirational story you can tell about your product supporting the competitive edge demanded in business, gaming, academics and sports today.

2023 Gaming Study Summary

Review the most recent study about the CTD blend and its application for your Best Self, PWO, Cognitive or Daily Support formulas.

Caffeine, TeaCrine, Dynamine gaming study

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