The Dopamine Difference

SoWell™ is pioneering the Best Self category. We all want to feel less stressed, have a greater sense of wellbeing, and improved ability to concentrate. SoWell™ helps us be the best version of ourselves.

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The benefits of SoWell™ go beyond energy. Unlike caffeine, SoWell™ doesn't cause a crash, or jitters. In fact, it’s a great complement to caffeine. SoWell™ supports the activation of neurotransmitters like dopamine without increasing heart rate or blood pressure. This multi-sensory experience shifts our thinking about how we can optimize the energy we have. SoWell™ is the superior ingredient to preserve dopaminergic neurons and provide functional energy for our daily activities.


Designed for the Best Self category, SoWell™ should go in these formulations and more:

Best Self

Cognitive Health

Functional Foods


Immune Support

Joint Support

Longevity Formulas




SoWell™ is pioneering the Best Self category—going beyond the dopamine crash from tyrosine, or even caffeine. We all want to feel less stressed, a greater sense of wellbeing and improved ability to concentrate. SoWell™ helps us be the best version of ourselves. Due to its wide-range of benefits, SoWell™ serves many audiences including those seeking support for a healthy stress response, support for mood, energy, cognition, and even joint health. SoWell™ is the foundation of the Best Self category.

Dopamine activation

Promotes a healthy stress response

Helps preserve dopaminergic neurons

Promotes a healthy inflammatory response

Organoleptics & Features

Soluble and stable in water. Dissolves clearly. Pure is bitter, tasteless option available. Dosage may be determined by preferred format.


Multiple patents globally through the USPTO and PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).

GRAS Certified


Long-term safety data in both humans and rats

Established research studies and clinical trial publication

An established research program, with further clinical trials underway




SoWell™ has been shown to support a range of benefits for one’s Best Self from mood and stress management, to cognition and focus and more. Contact us for a complete scientific review.


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