Beauty on a Cellular Level

Yüth™ is spermidine, a patent-pending polyamine which supports beauty-from-within, healthy aging and the intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Yüth Beaty From Within (1)

Yüth™ supports a wide range of benefits because of its unique ability to replace old cells with new cells. Yüth™ supports everyone interested in healthy aging, cognitive health, low-glycemic living, and the intermittent fasting lifestyle.





Beauty from Within

Best Self

Cognitive Health

Digestive Health

Female Support

Longevity Formulas

Male Support

Weight Management


Yüth™ is easy to formulate with all dosage forms from powders and RTDs to capsules and gummies. Yuth™ is stable in water and requires a low dose. It offers the sought-after benefits in the categories most important to today's consumers: healthy aging, cognitive health, low-glycemic living, and the intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Healthy aging


Intermittent fasting lifestyle

Cognitive health

Organoleptics & Features

The small dose makes Yüth™ versatile. The white powder mixes into liquids almost instantly, and is clear and tasteless, opening up formulation possibilities (think: collagen, electrolytes, gummies and even topicals).

Yüth Organoleptics


•  Patent pending


•  Vegan

•  Non-GMO

•  Allergen-Free

• White, tasteless powder


eOils is Patent Pending    Vegan   A GRAS Ingredient

Why People Love Yüth

“Compound Solutions have been amazing at guiding us on the most cutting edge formulas for our supplementation range and we are beyond grateful to have connected with them. We needed to update and upgrade a formula and CS guided us on the most cutting edge formulas on the market. After some meetings with Alex, we agreed to use YUTH, a patent-pending form of Spermidine, in our new formulation. Making our product go from GREAT to OUTSTANDING. We are confident that our relationship with CS has longevity as we feel there is a lot of support and inspiration given along the way of creating more products."

Maite Brines von Melle

Biostack Labs

"It's a very interesting formulation, wasabi, theacrine, copper niacin, it's basically turbo-charging the enzymes that boost the conversion of NAD precursors”

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield Life Podcast

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