The Intelligent Prebiotic

iXOS™ (xylooligosaccharides) is a prebiotic fiber that has been shown to boost bifidobacteria, the good bacteria, for optimal gut health[1].

iXOS Prebiotic Raw Ingredient Powder

iXOS™ from Compound Solutions selectively stimulates the growth and/or activity of intestinal bacteria in the colon, potentially associated with health and well-being[2]. It also requires a lower dose than most prebiotics making it easier to formulate with, and also easier on the end-users GI tract.


The 1-3g serving is much lower than the >5g serving of other prebiotics. The lower dose can lessen GI distress. iXOS™ has Identity Preserved non-GMO status making it an ideal choice for global food and supplement markets has superior workability in liquids, and may also complement probiotic and post biotic products. Animal and human studies suggest XOS can modulate good bacteria such as bifidobacteria, as well as support healthy insulin levels [3,4].

iXOS is a great addition to a collagen product

Organoleptics & Features

iXOS is a fine white powder that dissolves clear. It is neutral to slightly sweet in taste and has superior workability in liquids.

iXOS Prebiotic Powder - Raw Ingredient


  • Ideal for ready-to-mix powders, food/bars, capsule, tablets, RTD, gummies or gels
  • Low-dose relative to many prebiotic options

iXOS Prebiotic Powder is GRASiXOS is Novel Food Approved Prebiotic Powder



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3 Finegold et al, 2014. Xylooligosaccharide increases bifidobacteria but not lactobacilli in human gut microbiota

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