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PeakO2® is an organic-certified combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the U.S. PeakO2® allows users to "adapt" to and overcome physical and mental stress, increasing power and endurance.

PeakO2® from Compound Solutions

PeakO2® helps improve oxygen utilization and work capacity, helping athletes train longer and harder. Primarily used to innovate in the pre-workout and intra-workout space, it is ideal for active lifestyle blends like greens, reds, collagen and more.










Made by athletes and beneficial for anyone, PeakO2® makes a big impact where it matters the most: performance.

PeakO2 Adaptogenic Blend from Compound Solutions





Organoleptics & Features


  • PeakO2® mushrooms are grown on organic oats in the USA
  • Non-allergenic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO

      eOils is Vegan




PeakO₂® improves performance with the perfect blend of drinkability and efficacy. And that makes it an extremely versatile ingredient that delivers a wide range of benefits. PeakO₂® has been clinically shown to improve:

  • PeakO2® promotes oxygen consumption during exercise
  • PeakO2® Supports ATP production
  • PeakO2® increases the time to fatigue in exercise

In the first seven days of a 21-day clinical study at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, competitive athletes supplementing with four grams per day of PeakO₂® improved their peak power output 17.6% over baseline. The placebo group decreased 11.8% compared to baseline.

In a study with 28 individuals, there was a significant improvement of nearly 4 ml/kg/min for maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) in the group taking Peak O2 . This is significant physiologically speaking, as well. PeakO2® promotes oxygen consumption during exercise, which is foundational to all exercise from running or walking to Crossfit or bodybuilding.[1]


In a study with 40 individuals, PeakO2® had a significant improvement on blood lactate levels. Observed together with improved oxygen consumption, PeakO2® may support ATP production for optimizing exercise performance.[2]

peakO2 chart

The 28 UNC athletes underwent six minutes of high-intensity cycling and a three-minute bicycle sprint. The PeakO₂® group improved time to exhaustion by 70 seconds, compared to a 5-second improvement in the placebo group. The results trended toward significance.

PeakO2 is Clinically Proven to Improve Time to Exhaustion

  1. Hirsch, et. al., Cordyceps militaris improves tolerance to high-intensity exercise after acute and chronic supplementation, 2016.
  2. Dudgeon, et al., The effects of high and low-dose cordyceps militaris-containing mushroom blend supplementation after seven and twenty-eight days, 2018.
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Why People Love PeakO2®

“Peak O2 is a MUST in your muscle building supplement arsenal. The fatigue reduction alone is worth it every single time I buy it. Will not go to a workout without it!”

Jesse Flowers

Consumer (Axe & Sledge PeakO2)

"No matter if you're a bodybuilder, crossfitter, weekend warrior or avid fitness enthusiast, consuming anywhere from 1 to 4g / day PeakO2 can significantly enhance your athletic performance."

Tiger Fitness

"I love how Peak02 makes cardio less grueling and improves overall cardiovascular capacity even on high-rep exercises. Been using it daily for the past 5 months and have made dramatic improvements on treadmill sprint time, manual treadmill max speed, elliptical, stairmaster & cardio bike endeavors. I highly recommend PeakO2 to everyone as it is all-natural and benefits all sports and physical & cognitive activities."

Chris W.


"During the time of my run with PeakO2 I did find myself able to really push through tough workouts, and push harder during times I would normally be tired. Some of that I have to attribute to PeakO2. My conditioning workouts in particular saw a boost, I was running Metcon (metabolic conditioning) style workouts and was smashing through circuits that used to leave me laying in a heap."



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