Zero Net Carb MCTs

goMCT® (medium-chain triglycerides) is a healthy fat that converts to a unique source of energy called ketones. Ketones are a clean alternative energy source for the brain and body. goMCT® may also help with weight management.


goMCT® optimizes ketone production, a less oxidative energy source. It fuels the body with healthy fats for natural and sustained energy without the "crash" later. It also contains acacia fiber, a prebiotic that aids in gut health. Together, MCT and acacia fiber help optimize the gut-brain axis. goMCT® contains pure C8 and C10 MCT's, the most effective in converting to ketones. Primarily used as a powder in keto products, functional foods (i.e bars) and in combinations such as collagen or coffee, the possibilities are limitless.






Beauty from Within

Cognitive Health

Digestive Health

Functional Foods




Shake & Meal Replacement

Vegan Protein

Weight Management


goMCT® is for anyone interested in weight management, increased energy, and overall well-being. goMCT® enhances ketone production, helping consumers feel more alert, aware and focused.






Organoleptics & Features

Quite neutral in taste, and mixes easily as milky white color in cold water in a shaker, or into hot coffee by spoon. Adds slight texture, but not overly creamy.

GoMCT™ Mixing Video


  • Options include C8/C10 and C8 on acacia fiber
  • Coconut-derived
  • Neutral-tasting
  • Good mixability in cold water
  • Great in hot liquids

eOils MCT is Non-GMO Project Verified

Why People Love goMCT®

"We chose acacia fiber as the base of our MCT Oil Powder because it helps regulate your blood sugar levels, keeps you fuller longer, and has gut-friendly prebiotic benefits - meaning it promotes a healthy microbiome and digestive regularity."

Head of Product Development at a Mid-Sized Brand

"I have taken it and wouldn't take anything else when it comes to MCT. Good energy in workouts and when I stop keto to bulk I will take the MCT for healthy fats."

Jeff Barbary

End User, @jeffbarbary (IG)

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