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Best Self Category wellness
January 16, 2023

The new best self category does not replace wellness or self-care; it adds to it. This pioneering new category expands beyond what we believe we know about the wellness space. Wellness in supplements has been defined by greens drinks, mushroom coffee and gut health. But those don’t touch on the importance of dopamine, for example.

And outside of supplements, wellness has been characterized by “food is medicine” while forgetting to state that exercise is medicine, too. And so is a community of friends. Best self expands on and broadens the definition of wellness.

The New Best Self Category in Wellness and health.Being our best is always the goal.

Over time, however, we’ve discovered that striving to be our best self comes at a price – often times, our health. Habituation to things like caffeine can have detrimental effects when constantly pushing longer hours and going “one more.” We might find temporary reprieve in things like social media, but then our dopamine levels drop along with our motivation. Moreover, we can overcompensate in some areas of our holistic wellness while depriving ourselves of other good things.

What is the best self category?

First, what best self is NOT: It’s not biohacking. It’s not fad diets like keto or caveman. It’s not aggressive or ideological. It’s being better today than we were yesterday. It’s about small, incremental change. The best self category is essentially taking wellness and raising the bar. Can we be our best self in wellness without being too “soft”? Can we be balanced, find peace in our day, and still maintain that push to succeed – that drive? Yes, we can. That’s why this new category within wellness is the new target. There is a place for driven, motivating focus without crash or inflammation. That place is called best self and formulators have a giant opportunity to innovate in this category.

Does the best self category replace wellness?

No, it surpasses wellness. Best self is more than formulating greens, mushrooms and gut health; it’s optimizing dopamine levels and maintaining insulin sensitivity. It’s optimizing sleep through calming supplements (i.e. GABA or theanine) versus melatonin. It’s managing healthy inflammatory responses versus ibuprofen to cover symptoms. Arguably the pioneering ingredient in the best self category is SoWell™.

SoWell™ is a paradigm shift. Today we work within categories such as stress, mood, or cognition; but the new paradigm categorizes those under Best Self. Research suggests SoWell™ may support dopamine production, reduce fatigue, and promote a healthy inflammatory response. These are huge clinical wins for anti-stress, pro-mood, energy without the crash, and even re-imagining joint health. In other words, helping become your Best Self.

Dopamine is just the beginning.

How to jump into this new category now:

Can happiness, mood, longevity, joint health, energy be innovated? Yes. The research backing SoWell™ substantiates benefits in each of these categories.

The New Best Self Category in Wellness and health.

The Best Self category is pioneering in dietary supplements and the science makes this possible. Best self in wellness means more than just a dopamine rush – it means sustained focus, energy, or positive mood. There is no dopamine crash like we might experience with too much tyrosine or mucuna pruriens. Finding a quick energy boost and losing it with a crash later is not how we achieve our best self. The loss in productivity and let-down after a caffeine crash is also not our best self.

Real innovation in the best self wellness space happens in how we communicate the benefits of total, longer-lasting wellness. Best self means we don’t let ourselves down. Fast rushes will do that. It’s time to explore a new way of wellness.

Take SoWell™, for example.

The pandemic was overwhelming for most and put as all back. We all want to experience more joy. We want more than to simply hit the gym or stay awake all night studying. Individuals are seeking a better way to “just be me – but better”. Specifically, the wellness market is seeking a better or best self scenario in which they can motivate customers without a disappointing crash. Rarely discussed, but always somewhere in the back of everyone’s mind, is the desire to increase libido, enhance mood, or decrease stress on a consistent basis.

Here are just some of the benefits of the new SoWell™ in best self:
  • promotes a healthy stress response
  • supports healthy 5-HT and dopamine levels
  • preserve dopaminergic neurons
  • reduce inflammation and promote healthy inflammatory responses
  • support dopamine production and reduce fatigue

Can you imagine activating dopamine receptors while preserving dopaminergic neurons? This is remarkable and unprecedented. SoWell™ is a revolution in best self.

Any opportunities for you in this new category?

If you’re seeking something new to broaden your wellness target, look for these best self applications:

  • Joint health
  • Stress
  • Weight management
  • Focus
  • Neuro (gaming)
  • Mood-enhanced energy
  • Increased libido

SoWell™ is one of the only ingredients in best self right now.  Learn more about how you can be a winner in the best self space right now.

Watch this video on Best Self: 

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Ready to try a sample? Contact us. 

How to formulate for the new best self category

Always innovate for women (and men) but mostly right now women.


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