Here's to Heart Health.

Clean Cream is a series of creamers that have a cleaner label and creamier taste.

Clean Cream

Clean Cream® is a series of heart-healthy creamers that add a natural, rich taste and creamy texture to everything from protein and meal-replacement shakes to protein bars, baking mixes, soups and sauces. Each of our various Clean Cream® options has a superior, clean label without unwanted ingredients found in other creamers. Clean Cream® adds heart-healthy function to products with a high concentration of oil from the base fat. Its mixability in cold water is unparalleled for maximum consumer acceptance.




Shake & Meal Replacement

Vegan Protein


Clean Cream™ provides a superior macronutrient profile and improved quality of finished products. All of our Clean Cream™ options are vegan, making them the ideal foundation for vegan and non-vegan products alike. They allow formulators to improve “off-notes” such as gritty rice protein or “earthy” pea protein, all while creating a creamy, dairy-like flavor that your consumers will enjoy.



Organoleptics & Features

Dissolves milky white, and has a dairy-like taste and fatty texture ideal for vegan proteins.

Clean Cream


  • Available in Sunflower
  • Easy mixability
  • Vegan
  • Non-allergenic available
  • Non-GMO
  • Sugar-free
  • Clean label for the best consumer acceptance
  • No mono/diglycerides
  • No sodium caseinate
  • Low-glycemic
  • Enhanced flavor profile in all types of powder mixes
  • No soy lecithin or corn-syrup solids



Powdered healthy fats help yield taste, flavor and texture advantages. Clean Cream® provides a superior macronutrient profile and improved quality of finished products. Clean Cream® offers all these benefits and one more: a proprietary drying technology that delivers real nutrition in a convenient, highly-soluble powder form with the cleanest label available.

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