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Healthiest Fat on Earth: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sunflower Oil vs Olive Oil
June 7, 2022

In the face of sunflower oil scarcity, turn to the healthiest fat on earth, extra virgin olive oil. Because of sunflower oil’s supply chain shock, many are looking for cheap alternatives like canola. But seed oils like palm, soy, sunflower and canola are high in inflammatory omega-6. We’ve endured decades of poor food quality. It’s time to rise with the best vegan creamer and fat source in the world – extra virgin olive oil.

While fat sources like sunflower oil are scarce, extra virgin olive is the proven smart choice in pricing, sustainability, and overall health.. Let’s dive into extra virgin olive oil and find out why it’s the superior vegan fat choice.

We’re biased when it comes to good fat (extra virgin olive oil)

Our goFat® extra virgin olive oil fat powder is superior because extra virgin olive oil is superior. In the first long-term observational study on olive oil, consuming high amounts of olive oil decreased all-cause mortality (1). So in  keeping with this linear thought process: we did the research and wanted to work with the absolute best vegan fat powder. Sourcing vegan fat powders, like sunflower, has become more difficult than ever. There is an alternative, which has a secure supply chain, sustainable, lower in inflammatory omega-6s, and offers unique consumer-friendly features.

Let’s break down the details.

Starting with supply chain security

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Superior Fat PowderEveryone is talking about the current supply chain insecurity so we’ll jump in, too.  Sunflower oil has been a popular  fat source  for years in the vegan  space because it was cheap and relatively abundant. Well before Russia invaded Ukraine, prices had been steadily increasing. Now, in the midst of a crisis between two of the world’s greatest sources of sunflower oil (60% of the world’s supply [2]), sunflower oil prices have spiked and supply is insecure. We are now even more determined to ensure access to vegan, sustainable, and healthy fat sources with stable pricing  and supply chain security,.

The truth is that supply chain security for sunflower oil has always been spotty. In some reports, Ukraine and Russia export 60% of the world’s supply; in other reports it is 80%. Such large concentration of supply from essentially one area is inherently risky to the supply chain. And from a sustainability standpoint, some reports indicate sunflower oil is semi-sustainable based on farmer access to fertilizers while others indicate very limited sustainability based on climate.

All signs point to goFAT extra virgin olive because it is vegan, healthy, sustainable and secure. We did the research for you.

Let’s compare for your consumers

“Healthy,” “sustainable,” and “vegan” are probably the biggest wins for immediate shelf-attraction. “Vegan creamer” is also very consumer-friendly. Consumers want the health halo now more than ever, and olive oil is the king of the health halo. Its health benefits go back thousands of years and continue today to play an integral part in the health of those in Blue Zones from Greece to Sardinia. Olive oil’s health benefits are simply unmatched in the fat space.

Before you dig into this chart, let’s talk about the word “sustainability.”
We mean both sustainable for the Earth and sustainable supply.  Additionally, extra virgin olive oil is ESG Certified.

All of this is not possible with sunflower oil. Here’s a closer look:



Your questions, answered

The comparisons are pretty clear, but we know there are tons of questions you may have.

Read this ingredient page on goFAT® olive oil if you’re closer to your project.

Here’s our introduction article on goFAT® olive oil.

When it comes to going toe-to-to against sunflower oil or even canola, soy, palm or other seed oils we know we’re behind a winner.

Contact us now to discuss how you can avoid the supply chain issues and stay consistent in delivering premium healthy fat options for your consumers.








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