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Collagen, Phase 2: Functional Coffee

January 30, 2020

For many who use collagen, they use both collagen and coffee on a daily basis. Daily use presents an immense economic opportunity. But because functional collagen coffee is fairly new, sales may be slower if you’re a retail brand on Wal-Mart shelves, for example. But if you have influencers, Facebook groups, email lists, YouTube or IG followings, the opportunity is enormous.

To start simply, coffee-flavored collagen could be as big a win as Vega’s coffee-flavored protein. Adding goMCT®, ghee/butter powder (as goFAT®), or even cocoa butter powder (as goCOCOA™) for a rich mocha could be incredibly innovative, yet simple for the consumer to understand. It’s low-carb, rich in taste, and satiating. And no one hates coffee!


Another option includes combining collagen with instant coffee in sachets or stick packs. You could add various fats above, adaptogens like PeakO2®, chaga, Lion’s Mane, or even Dynamine™ to create a “super coffee” with more energy and focus.

Add-to-coffee collagen creamers are also a great option. You could add Dynamine™, goBHB® ketones, or any of the fats above.


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