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What is Yüth™ from Compound Solutions?

Yüth™  from Compound Solutions
March 20, 2023

From hair growth to cellular rejuvenation, Yüth™ is a polyamine for beauty-from-within and healthy aging products. Polyamines have been around for ages. They are found in breast milk and edible plants such as beans.

Yüth™ celebrates what we already know to be true: better health comes from intermittent fasting. When we fast, our cells regenerate (called autophagy). Our bodies must constantly regenerate cells because damaged cells that aren’t killed go “zombie.” Zombie cells are what cause real damage in the body over time, so they must be removed via autophagy and/or spermidine supplementation.

The main mechanism of action behind polyamines like spermidine is autophagy. Spermidine mimics the effect from intermittent fasting, which we all now know is highly correlated with better health outcomes. Polyamines are also beneficial in aging due to the association with high antioxidant activity. This potent level of antioxidant activity means less oxidative stress and younger/newer cells.

Polyamines and Yüth™Spermidine (as Yüth™) may support with the following:

  • Healthy-aging benefits
  • Cellular regeneration (autophagy)
  • High antioxidant activity
  • Brain and cognitive health
  • DNA stability
  • Mitochondrial health, which is a pillar of health span
  • Hair growth

Is Yüth™ just wheat germ?

No, it’s not. Yüth™ is far better. Because polyamines like spermidine can be found in low concentrations in wheat germ,  the total wheat germ dose is high, and the cost too high to be commercially viable for the masses. Yüth™ is different.  Yüth™ is a nature-identical copy of spermidine and is GRAS-certified. This means you get the benefits of spermidine–and versatility of multiple dosage forms—for  a lower price.

Warning: you might also find spermidine from a supplier who says it’s from wheat germ “in whatever concentration you want.” That’s not possible; that’s a lie. What you’re getting there is synthetic spermidine blended with some wheat germ. Don’t fall for the trick.

Here’s how Yüth™ works

The exact mechanisms of action behind spermidine (and polyamines in general) aren’t fully known. However, the scientific literature clearly shows spermidine supports cellular health and longevity. There is also growing evidence to support spermidine’s broad role in brain health, supporting normal hair growth, and its ability to influence markers of inflammation. What is spermidine? Yüth™

While we don’t know all the mechanisms of action, we do know tpolyamines (spermidine) like Yüth™ appear to support the following functions:

  • Plays multiple roles in health span due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Supports mitochondrial health
  • Supports autophagy
  • Supports apoptosis
  • Supports DNA stability
  • Data suggest exogenous spermidine supplementation appears to support lifespan and longevity

Bottom line: Spermidine (as Yüth™) appears to aid in most wellness regimens. From living a healthy life for as long as possible, to brain health and beauty-from-within (i.e. hair and skin).

Yüth™ (spermidine) and a healthy inflammatory response

Chronic inflammation can lead to premature aging and have negative effects on immune health. In addition to autophagy, another of spermidine’s mechanisms is influencing inflammatory pathways. Spermidine has been shown to decrease the inflammatory cytokine TNF-α, which may support Yuth’s role in maintaining a healthy inflammatory response. The end effect may support less premature aging.

Yüth™ (spermidine) and cognitive health

In a 2021 study by Schroeder et al, researchers evaluated the possible correlation of spermidine intake with cognitive function and decline in humans. The analysis lent “strong support to the concept that nutrition rich in spermidine (SPD) protects against cognitive impairment and decline.” Improving one’s diet and/or taking a spermidine supplement is crucial to maintaining cognitive health as we age. You can find spermidine (as Yüth™) by contacting us today.

Here’s the Yüth™ Summary:

  • Naturally occurring polyamines decline with age, so supplementation is ideal. Yüth™ is that supplement.
  • Typical anti-aging supplement formulations have been pure NMN or nicotinamide riboside. But the FDA has removed NMN from the market and nicotinamide riboside is expensive. With fewer formulation options, some have reverted to using the old resveratrol sirtuin story from years past. Yuth provides a brand new path to healthy aging.
  • Learn more about Yüth™ Contact Us.
  • Thinking about other formulations? See the ingredients.
  • Want to learn more about gut health?

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • Mark Lynnes says:

    Hi, Your product Yuth Spermidine is an ingredient in a product I use called REGEN from Biostack Labs. I love this product but I keep hearing from other companies that have only wheat germ spermidine that spermidine HCL is very dangerous. Could you give some clarity on this. I do not want to discontinue usage of REGEN if at all possible Thanks Mark Lynnes

    • Jane Schmidt says:

      Hi Mark,

      Our ingredient Yuth™ was put through rigorous safety testing and you can be assured that it is GRAS and absolutely safe for consumption. If you have any concerns, we would recommend consulting with your physician.

      -The CSI Team

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