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PeakO2®, A Versatile Blend of Performance Mushrooms

September 16, 2022

After many years, people are re-discovering what has been around for centuries—adaptogens. Adaptogens have been essential to traditional Asian medicine for centuries, helping people adapt and perform better under physical and mental stress.


Adaptogens are typically too brown and too insoluble in water to use in lightly flavored and colored drinks. So, they’ve been under-utilized in powder beverages.


PeakO₂® is clinically proven to boost both power AND endurance. It’s light tan in water and neutrally flavored, so experimenting with it is easy.

Remarkable results from 2 University studies show performance improvements versus baseline:

PeakO2 peak power output

PeakO2 time to exhaustion


Pre-workouts (stim or non-stim): There’s a reason why this ingredient is called performance mushrooms. PeakO₂® is clinically proven to increase power 17.6% in 7 days. It improves VO₂ max and VO₂ time to exhaustion 65 seconds in just 21 days. It does so by increasing the lungs’ oxygen uptake and efficiency. It’s like taking creatine monohydrate and beta-alanine, but getting results six weeks faster.

BCAA or endurance formulas: PeakO₂® improves oxygen uptake, leading to significant gains in VO₂ max and VO₂ max time to exhaustion. Its combination with a muscle “fuel” like Leucine is a powerful muscle potentiator and athletic performance booster. The use of PeakO₂® is exclusive to Scivation (Xtend) until January 2, 2017.

Gainers or performance proteins: Gainers are not about gaining fat, but about gaining strength. Blending basic whey protein and maltodextrin together has been the “gainer formula” for decades. Now we can create an “elite” gainer or protein for those who want the strength component: PeakO₂®.

Performance vegan/organic formulas: vegan proteins, meal replacements and greens products are surging in popularity. Now you can add a performance component with 100% organic-certified, vegan, non-GMO, non-allergenic, gluten-free, all-natural PeakO₂®.

Add to Shake: It’s also possible to use PeakO₂® as a single item in a bottle that you just “add-to-shake.”

It is rare for an ingredient to provide significant performance gains in only one week.

Request a sample and experience it first-hand.
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