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CSI Tasting Room: Hosstile Supplements Review

hosstile supplements review
September 15, 2020

Pre-workout supplements are often times flagship products for companies in the sports nutrition world. Within the pre-workout category we see companies coming out with stimulant and non-stimulant options for consumers. Each option will have its own list of pros and cons and reasons for use.

Our series, CSI Tasting Room, aims to look at different formulas and products and dive deeper. We examine what makes a product innovative, what products will help you achieve your goals, and why ingredients make such a difference.

Hosstile Supplements Review

On this episode of CSI Tasting Room, we taste test and review both of Hosstile’s pre-workout options, their stimulant Hosstility and their non-stimulant Bloodshot. Both formulas are loaded with proven ingredients and come in 2 flavors each. Check out the video below for our thoughts and follow the link below to purchase to try for yourself!

The Benefits of Pre-workouts

The best pre-workouts are formulated with both acute and long-term effects in mind. Some ingredients are meant to deliver their payload right away, while others need to be taken consistently over time to elicit their benefits.

One of our patented ingredients, PeakO2®, has a ton of proven benefits including increased endurance and power output. PeakO2® needs to be taken consistently to build up in your system before you’ll reap the rewards. Using a pre-workout with PeakO2® will ensure that you stay on top of your daily dosing.

TeaCrine® is one of our patented ingredients that has acute benefits. It works right away synergistic to caffeine to prolong caffeine’s benefits and increase your energy, boost your mood, and enhance your focus. TeaCrine® is a powerful ingredient that can improve any workout from the first dose!


If you want to purchase either of Hosstile pre-workouts Hosstility or Bloodshot, check out these links below:

Be sure to comment your thoughts about the review!

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  • Dustin Smith says:

    Thanks for the review discovered the product last night and was searching for quality opinions

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