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Gut Health and Immunity: Article Round-Up

gut health and immunity
April 8, 2020
It’s no secret that gut health is linked to many other systems in the human body. In fact, over the past decade or so, this has been brought to light to the masses. Now, many people are finding that gut health and immunity go hand-in-hand.  We’re bringing you a round-up of articles that show that the health of your microbiome is key to keeping your immunity up.  

Search Trends – Gut Health and Immunity

Search trends reveal what we already know: everyone wants to boost their immunity. Along with immunity, you’ll see ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘echinacea’ trending. But what else can you do to reinforce your body’s defenses? We’d argue that focusing on gut health could be key, and here’s why:  

gut health and immunity

  In addition, the gut helps regulate many systems in the body, including brain, muscle and skin. We’re encouraged to see the media has begun to highlight the gut-immune relationship. You’ll find in this Daily Record article the argument for gut health during this Covid-19 battle.  Even though our bodies have not fought this virus before, having a strong immune system is essential. The author states that low Vitamin C levels have increased susceptibility to viruses, infection, and compromised immune health.  

The Relationship Between Immunity and Gut Bacteria

In this Newsweek article, the author explains how the gut’s internal environment works with the immune system to keep it in balance. It used to be considered that gut bacteria and immune cells were in opposition – that the immune system in the gut actually fought off gut bacteria. When in reality, that’s not the case at all. The article explains how lactic acid bacteria can reinforce immunity – there is an interesting study detailed in the article.  

The Impact of Gut Microbiota on Health

gut health and immunity This lengthy Neurohacker article goes into great detail about how our gut microbiota influences our immune systems. It even describes each type of cell found in our immune systems – and where they are located. The author goes into how the intestinal barrier function works and what happens when that barrier is dysfunctional. We highly recommend reading this one for deep scientific knowledge into these systems.  

Supporting The Immune System During Covid-19

Did you know that excessive immune responses can actually damage some vital organs? The role of your gut microbiome is to regulate the immune system, not act as a defense system attacking helpful bacteria. During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is especially important to make sure your gut health is in order. Read this Nutraingredients article to learn more about aiding your body’s response to the virus. Don’t forget to download our gut-immune axis guide here!   Have an article that relates to this topic? Share in the comments below!

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