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Recap & Reflections: Austin Half Marathon

Nervous and Waiting for the Race to Start
February 20, 2020

Eight weeks fly by when you’re training for a half marathon… or that’s what Jenn, Kyle and Kelsey would agree on.

Two months ago, CSI challenged 3 team members to train and give it their all for the Austin Half Marathon. And they did just that.

Watch the video to see their progression. And then keep scrolling for their reflections on the whole experience.


Q: How did you do?Fun with the Crowd
A: I finished the damn thing! No my time wasn’t stellar, yes I was sore, but I finished. I went down with a slight injury on mile 8, but I kept driving and found a way to finish. 

Q: Highlights?
A: My favorite moments were leading up to the race, enjoying laughs with my CSI teammates. And of course the beer garden post race, enjoying more laughs with my teammates, swapping race stories, and enjoying the live music and atmosphere.

Q: What did you learn?
A: I learned that when you think you’re done, you always have a little more in the tank. I learned that it’s important to have good friends pushing you and supporting you through the race. I think everyone should experience at least a half marathon, it’s extremely rewarding. 

Q: Would you do it again?
A: I have to do it again! I’m not sure that I want to, haha, but I have to. I have to get a good time and I have to finish injury free. I’ll be running in the Indy Half Marathon in May in an attempt to achieve theses goals. 


Q: How did you do?
A: I reached my goal of finishing in under 2 hrs and 30 min so very  happy about that! Physically only one body part (left hip) gave me issues during the race but after a little bit of beer, food and rest was feeling 100% the next day! I am so impressed by my quick recovery. Emotionally I feel empowered, mentally stronger and hungry for more.

Jenn, All Smiles at the Beginning

Q: Highlights?

A: Soo many favorite moments!! The whole weekend was great. But I would say my favorite moment would be when I went past the 10 mile mark and still felt like I had a ton left in the tank. Just felt this giant smile across my face and felt so accomplished and empowered until I saw that giant mountain of a hill at mile mark 12….. that was brutal.

Q: What did you learn?

A: I learned to not be super nervous about it and just have fun with it while giving it your all. It was so empowering and motivational to not just me but everyone around me that knew that I did it. I was so surprised by so many people saying they were impressed or felt motivated to want to do a race. If I can do it honestly anyone else can and I can officially say I now am a runner!

Q: Would you do it again?
A: I would definitely do it again! I am thinking San Diego Triple Crown maybe in the near future but I would definitely want to do at least another one this year. I am thinking the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego Half in May.


Q: How did you do?Panda Spotting at the Austin Half Marathon
A: Before the run, I established my ‘gold’ performance would be a 9:30 pace and ‘silver’ would be a 10:00 pace. I got my silver! Physically, I went out too fast and crushed the first 6 miles, which set me up for a (very) slow back half. I was toast at the end and I was so mad the photographer missed my heel click at the finish line because I gave it the last ounce of bounce I had in me!

Q: Highlights?
A: While I’ve done many running events in the past, I think this one had the biggest crowd participating and cheering and that kept the energy so high. I loved the bands along the course, the dressed up participants, the scenery! I also loved celebrating with Jenn and Kyle. The sun came out to warm us up, there was live music and local beverages and even the capital building as the backdrop–so cool! I also loved getting fired up at BPN’s HQ the day before… it helped my get my mind straight.

Compound team at BPN HQ

You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you my lowlight… MILE 12!! There were people dressed as grim reapers on that hill for crying out loud! It was just mean.

Q: What did you learn?
A: First of all, that I’m not a “has-been.” With the last half marathon as such a disaster, I proved to myself that dedicated training can get me across the finish line. I also learned that even with kids and a busy schedule, I can MAKE time for big things that matter to me. I love that my daughter asks if I’m going for a run when I put athletic shoes on. The kids are watching… and I’m so glad I could set an example. I also learned how to work a Canon camera for vlogging purposes. 

Q: Would you do it again?
A: There’s something about endurance events and the satisfaction of finishing that fires you up to do more. I would definitely do it again. My hope is we can organize a BIGGER team with more CSI team members AND friends/customers for another destination half marathon next year…. or maybe even sooner. Let’s maximize each other with a little encouragement!!

Team CSI Celebrating a Job Well Done

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  • Spencer says:

    I just ran my first half marathon last year! I can’t wait to do it again

  • Kelly says:

    Hope to run a half marathon sometime

  • Scott says:

    what products would you recommend for long distance running?

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