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I Rucked 100 miles with 35 pounds in 3 days. Here’s how it went.

June 25, 2021
Spencer 100 Mile Ruck Challenge

Spencer’s Ruck Journal. Hemingway ran with the bulls (allegedly) but definitely not for 100 miles.

Compound Solutions sources better. We’re not just talking ingredients here; we want the best in everything. This means the best  from people and for people. So when in May of 2021 our team member Spencer Lynn casually announced to the team that– immediately after finishing the Ironman Florida and the Goggins Challenge this past year — he was preparing for the 100 Mile Ruck challenge in Idaho for Mission 22, we knew we had to document it. Well, we knew that he had to document it for us because it’s challenging to keep up with the guy. Be sure to revisit our team Austin Marathon entry when you get a chance!

Why Ruck 100 Miles?

“Supporting and staying connected to the Veteran community is something that will always be important to me. I was fortunate to serve and seamlessly transition back to life as a civilian. That’s not the case for everyone and I want to do what I can to help those struggling with that.”
Naturally, Spencer kept air tight journal entries going throughout his preparation and experience.

Taken directly from his journal, here is exactly how Spencer rucked with 35 pounds for 100 miles in 3-days.

Let’s preface this all by stating clearly – in case the aforementioned “Ironman” did not tip you off – Spencer is in elite athletic shape. One does not simply, “do a 100 mile ruck”. He has built up his athleticism, diet, and supplementation over time, creating the kind of machine that meets and breaks through physical limitations. Here’s the part of the entry where we drop our tagline, “Maximize Human Potential” because that’s exactly what went down for three days staring on May 28th, 2021.
Spencer 100 Mile Ruck Challenge

Spencer is getting married soon! His fiance, Jaime, took this while he was training for the challenge!

Thursday, May 27th

  • Packed up and ready for the trip to Boise
  • Jamie dropped me off at the Pittsburgh Airport for my 5pm flight
  • Connecting flight in Atlanta
  • Arrive in Boise and picked up by Jon at 10:40pm local time
  • Check in at hotel and
    Spencer 100 Mile Ruck Challenge

    Stress fracture? Maybe. Blisters? Yes. Finishing no matter what? Definitely.

    head straight to bed
  • 7am start the next morning

Friday, May 28th

  • 6am wake up
  • Head out to parking lot to meet up with Jon and meet his wife, Kerri, and buddy Johnny
  • 7am start – trailhead right next to the hotel
    • Boise Greenbelt
    • Me, Jon (UXO), and Johnny
      Spencer 100 Mile Ruck Challenge

      Spencer, Jon (UXO SUPPLEMENTS), and Johnny for Mission 22.

      10 miles in before our first pit stop
    • Anne Hoover Park
    • Kerri brings us some snacks
  • 20 miles in at our next stop
    • Boise State Capital Building
    • Kerri brings us more snacks, water, and sunscreen
      • She’s our “Sherpa” for the event
    • Ruck around the city
      • Everyone is super friendly, supportive, and interested in what we’re doing
      • Plenty of people wave, cheer us on, cars honk their horns, and many come up to us and talk to us – they hear our reasoning for doing this and we hear their stories of their own battles or the battles of loved ones
    • Next stop at “Berserker Strength & Conditioning” – Jon and Johnny’s gym – really cool hardcore powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strongman gym atmosphere
    • We finish day 1 at Johnny’s house at mile 34

Saturday, May 29th

  • 7am start, same location
    • Pre-Ruck: Alphagen by Morphogen
    • Intra: Demo Day by Axe & Sledge, Charlie Mike by UXO
    • Me, Jon, and Johnny – joined by Carlee, one of UXO Supplements sponsored athletes and a professional strongwoman competitor – she joins us for the first 10 miles in support
  • 12 miles in at our first break at Boise State University’s football stadium – Albertson’s Stadium – famous for its blue turf field
  • Jon and Johnny are excellent tour guides giving me the scoop on everything about Boise and the surrounding area
  • 54 miles in, Johnny has to tap out due to some pretty bad swelling in his ankle
  • 64 miles in, Jon also has to tap out due to stress fractures in his foot and severe blisters

I am now alone, but unafraid, I’m completely sure that I’ll get it done for us. Gone too far to quit and there are tons of good reasons to continue – Mission 22

  • I finish the rest of the day by myself, carrying the flag the entire way – up to 67 miles total now – one day to go

Sunday, May 30th

  • 7am start, same location
    • Pre-Ruck: Alphagen by Morphogen
    • Intra: Demo Day by Axe & Sledge, Charlie Mike by UXO
    • Joined by Carlee again and Shad (a tech company owner in Boise and a friend of Jon and Johnny)
    • They make it the first 12 miles with me
  • 20 miles in I take a break at Lucky Peak Reservoir outside of Boise
    • Meet up with Jen and Mike (business associates of Johnny) and they go 6 miles with me
  • 28 miles in I take a break under a big shade tree – my feet are finally starting to H U R T – I suspect a stress fracture in my left foot and can feel pretty bad blisters on many of my toes
    • I get some snacks and encouragement from Jen and am joined by Shad again and his buddy Andrew with his dog, Dexter for the remainder of the journey
      • Andrew is a military veteran and so is his dog, Dexter
    • Finish Line – Albertson’s Stadium – Boise State University
      • About two dozen people show up to welcome us in – it’s a great feeling
      • After crossing the 100 mile finish line, Shad, Dexter, and I jump in the Boise River, the cold water feels amazing on my sore muscles and messed up feet
      • I’m truly blown away by all of the support and encouragement
      • I hope to do it again next year!

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