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3 Formulas For CrossFitters

October 16, 2017
CrossFit’s popularity is still on the rise. With well over 10,000 CrossFit facilities, more than 250,000 CrossFit games entrants, it is estimated that more than 2 million people engage in some form of CrossFit-type activity. Further, once people identify themselves as CrossFitters, they believe they need CrossFit-specific products to be successful. That makes it not only the fastest growing segment of the sports supplement market, but an extremely viable market for both new product entry and continued growth beyond the closed CrossFit doors. Let’s take a look at three formulas for CrossFitters. When formulating for the CrossFit market, it’s important to consider their pillars for success: 1 – Power and endurance 2 – Focus and dedication 3 – Minimal downtime formulas for crossfitters The application, however, is not so easy, as most CrossFitters are not properly fueling their body for their grueling workouts. The solution? Better supplements to enhance function and performance, while minimizing downtimes. Here are 3 winning formulas that will give CrossFitters the edge.


CrossFitters want boundless energy without being overstimulated. Stimulants serve as the backbone to a multi-billion-dollar industry, however, they often come with drawbacks, especially for those seeking sustained power output. True cellular energy, rather than simply increasing heart rate or psychoactive parameters, is what drives performance, improves endurance, and reduces fatigue. PeakO2, a powerful and patent-pending blend of adaptogens, improves anaerobic power. It also increases time to fatigue, making workouts longer and stronger, giving CrossFitters what they need to complete a heavy-duty WOD. The blend: PeakO2 along with carnitine, creatine, and cellular ATP-generating ingredients can power athletes through the toughest workouts.


Many of the intense and slightly insane workouts require more than strength and power; they require guts, ambition and devotion. While some of these characteristics are woven into the CrossFitter’s DNA, the rest comes from proper nutrition and supplementation. TeaCrine® not only provides a burst of sustainable energy, it drives focus and motivation to break through plateaus. TeaCrine® will not only get an athlete in the zone, it will keep them there. The blend: When combined with a moderate dosing of caffeine, choline, ginseng and other nootropic complements and energy-enhancing ingredients, TeaCrine® is perfect for CrossFitters in preparation for their next competition.


Recovery is the key to success in CrossFit, not only during training, but also during the Opens, Regionals and Games when recovery time is snatched away. In training, the longer a recovery takes, the slower the gains. Since breaking down muscle is the catalyst to stimulate muscle repair and improvement, creating products to enhance muscle repair can help get CrossFitters back to the gym faster. BCAAs have long been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis via mTOR activity driving the process of muscle repair and development. The blend: BCAAs (InstAminos) along with key electrolytes, low-osmolality carbs like Carb10 and blood glucose controllers can improve overall uptake, and further enhance muscle protein synthesis through synergistic mechanisms that work with the mTOR pathway. Compound Solutions has innovative ingredients that can separate your brand, open new market channels and help you develop a wide range of products for the world of the fastest growing fitness phenomena, CrossFit.

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