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The Science Explained: How Two Ingredients Offer Energy, Mood, Motivation & Focus Benefits

TeaCrine and Dynamine New Science
January 31, 2023

Written into the Compound Solutions belief system is this: science and research are paramount to human advancement. This is why, 7 years after the launch of  TeaCrine® and 5 years after the launch of Dynamine™, we are still investing in new research studies (with truly no end in sight!).

However, as the studies accumulate and diverse findings stack on top of each other, the data coalesce into something far greater than the individual findings.


We’ve reached an incredible milestone.

Science geeks: hold onto your hats.

After nearly than 20 studies we’ve uncovered the mechanisms behind these two ingredients and understand how they are able to offer such a diverse spectrum of benefits from energy and mood to motivation and focus. This will allow us to reimagine applications that address: adenosine inhibition, dopamine activation, and activation of delta and theta waves.


The short version:

We have now discovered that the positive changes in brain wave activity, the enhancement of caffeine (increased half-life, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and bio-efficiency), the modulation of multiple neurotransmitter systems (i.e., adenosine, norepinephrine, GABA, Dopa) and the activation of dopamine receptors are the mechanisms that explain the diverse spectrum of benefits of Dynamine and TeaCrine such as energy, motivation, mood and focus.


The more detailed version:

Here are the studies underlining Dynamine and TeaCrine’s mechanisms of action.

1. Via EEG, this study found increased delta and theta brain wave activity, which is associated with cognitive control including response inhibition and conflict monitoring (choosing between two competing options) a. This occurred statistically significantly in 20-year-olds despite the fact that their brains are already at near-optimized levels at that age.

2. This 2021 study is seminal and critical for two reasons: 1) It showed just 125mg of caffeine-only can increase speed and reaction time in a gaming scenario, but statistically significantly DECREASES precision and accuracy. That means nearly all energy drinks and gaming supps actually DECREASE performance in First Person Shooter games. This also corresponds with mentally demanding tasks that require speed of processing, complex reaction time, decision-making with precision and accuracy. 2) Adding Dynamine and TeaCrine to the 125mg of caffeine rescued the decline in precision and accuracy, while maintaining the improved performance in information processing speed, reaction time and neuro-cognitive performance! This real-life improvement corroborated the first study on theta and delta EEG/brain-wave activity!

3. We don’t know of any other GRAS-affirmed ingredient that demonstrates clinically that it enhances caffeine in humans (increases caffeine’s half-life, improves PK, PD and bio-efficacy). This study found TeaCrine and Dynamine do.

4. TeaCrine has been shown to activate dopamine receptors, which is foundational to mood, learning and motivation.


What it all means

Let this new data begin a new era of “Energy With A Purpose.” With this new data, we don’t have to stick to gaming, coffee or energy drinks. This is a new and broad era of brain optimization due to “functional and purposeful energy,” energy that puts your customers in control of the outcome.

Brain optimization

These discoveries are profound and unmatched in the ingredient space. We’ve enjoyed diving deep into the literature and have an EVEN MORE detailed write-up, if you can believe it, and you can request that here.

We have also bottled up an optimal blend of TeaCrine, Dynamine and caffeine for anyone to experience for themselves. It’s called Bright Energy.

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