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Innovating for Women’s Health

Innovating for women's health
May 21, 2021

Formulators, this is all about innovating for women’s health. Read on for a how-to guide on uniting low-carb, food-as-medicine and beauty into practical applications for women.

Women drive up to 80% of a household’s purchases.*

While this stat has held strong for 30 years, innovating for women’s health is finally taking hold with marketers. The opportunity is enormous as targeting women is still a Blue Ocean Strategy. So, here are some idea on how to effectively target women.

Innovating for Women's Health

The Low-Carb Lifestyle

No one is going to coffee and talking about her new, high-carb diet. Higher fat and protein, lower carb is here to stay. **

Food as Medicine

Fermented foods have been big for years, and connecting fermentation, gut health and wellness is important. All food passes through the gut and gut health is inextricably linked to overall health.

Hence, what we eat is directly tied to our health and our family’s health. Products are important, but so is content in marketing.

Good content to consider:

Daily products like coffee or tea as well as polyphenols’ role in gut health or cognitive health

Gut health and its role in mood

Linking food to skin health


Energy Via Adaptogens

How food affects blood sugar levels and sleep hygiene

Beauty Trends

While beauty may seem trite, the fact is that it’s big not just in North America, but incredibly powerful in Asia, the Middle East, Brazil and elsewhere. It should be noted that Asian women are joining the workforce in record numbers.^ Globally, this may take the form of collagen, ceramides, or antioxidant creams. In Asia, it may include skin whitening via gamma oryzanol, glutathione and more.

So, how can you unite low-carb, food-as-medicine and beauty into practical applications like gut health, collagen, adaptogens & low-carb/keto? Below are a few ideas.

Gut Health

Messaging: Gut health IS human health. There is no optimized brain, heart, muscle, bone, skin or immune health without optimized gut health. Short-chain fatty acids (i.e., CoreBiome®) are the foundation of gut health and their starting point is vegetables.

Potential applications:
  • CoreBiome® is the foundation of gut health including gut-brain, gut-skin, gut-immune and a new era of synbiotics.
  • ✨Beauty-from-within starts in the gut. Contact us here to discuss.


Messaging: It’s not just a “beauty protein,” it’s the most abundant protein in the body and important for overall wellness.

Potential applications:
  • Add-to-coffee
  • Use goCOCOA® for low-carb chocolate collagen
  • Use goFAT® Olive Oil for superfood collagen
  • Add immune-enhancing adaptogenic mushrooms in PeakO2®, or chaga or reishi for whole-body wellness
  • Add goBIOME™ for the most innovative beauty-from-within solution yet
  • Add iXOS™ for prebiotic collagen


Messaging: From energy to immunity, adaptogens helps us adapt to physical and mental stressors

Potential applications:
  • Use PeakO2® in greens or Amino9® EAAs for fasted cardio products, low-stim pre-workouts, or overall active lifestyle products
  • While ashwagandha for stress and adrenal support, reishi for immune health, curcumin for joint health, or rhodiola for energy may be “old school,” the category can be re-imagined with TeaCrine® and Dynamine™. Dynamine™ and TeaCrine® take adaptogens from anti-stress to pro-mood with a dopamine kick

Zero Sugar / Fiber

Messaging: Low-carb is better named “low sugar.” Zero-sugar, fiber, fat and protein are the new cool in wellness.

Potential applications:
  • goFAT® series of MCT, coconut oil, olive oil or cocoa butter powders for MRPs, coffee creamers, collagen, weight management and more
  • goBiome™, the first-ever SCT+MCT to reimagine the fiber category
  • Soluble fiber, resistant starches, polyphenols and prebiotics like iXOS™ or Carb10®
  • CoreBiome® for weight management through satiety and gut health


The future is female and this is no different for formulators. Take on the trends within women’s health and tap into a market that is ready for you.  If you want to learn more about targeting for the strongest buyer in the household, contact us now. 



*Bloomberg: Top 10 things everyone should know about women consumers
**Foodnavigator-USA: What’s trending in nutrition?
^ Record Number of Women are Joining Japanese Workforce

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