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What You Need to Know About Tributyrin and Gut Health

Tributyrin What You Should Know
February 3, 2021

In this article, we’re talking about gut health and the benefits of tributyrin. Keep reading for the breakdown of what makes a healthy gut versus unhealthy gut, what butyrate is, what you need to know about tributyrin, and why CoreBiome® tributyrin is particularly important.

Can you believe that there was a time when gut health was considered simple and our only supplement choice was acidophilus? Or that we considered our gut independently from the rest of our body? Most of us now know how untrue that is. Since then, we’ve made great strides in understanding tributyrin, the foundation of gut health. It turns out, gut health goes way beyond grabbing a kombucha at the store. It’s pretty fascinating. Beyond the basic drugstore-shelf probiotic, there are now multiple options for prebiotics as well as postbiotics. Postbiotics were the missing piece of the puzzle, until now. Tributyrin is the master switch to wellness for gut, mind and body.

Of course, we’re going to touch on CoreBiome® Tributyrin, and how you can get some for your body (or your formulation) because this is arguably the most important ingredient the human body needs to thrive.

Gut health basics

Gut Health Balance Tributyrin

Balance is key with your gut health.

If you walk away with nothing else from this article, remember this troubling fact: 95% of Americans are not getting enough fiber in their diets.(1) No health issue is more important than this fact. Its importance cannot be overstated because fiber is the most critical component for both feeding our good bacteria as well as helping repair our intestinal lining. Our intestinal lining is just one cell thick and the gatekeeper to our bloodstream. It is our protector between the outside world and our internal organs, and it’s fed by fiber.

To simplify it all, let’s just say that what we eat matters for gut health. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. Did we mention vegetables?

Good gut microbes feed off our good diet. If we eat poorly, we may feel full momentarily, but the real damage is in the fact that the bad bacteria feed off our poor diet, multiplying the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria like H. pylori or candida multiply and out-compete our good bacteria. This imbalance can cause real damage and directly or indirectly affect nearly all biological systems, which is why gut health is key to overall health and wellness.

There’s the Native American tale that talks about the two wolves that live inside of you. One is good; the other evil. They constantly fight and the one that wins is the one you feed. We suggest feeding the good wolf with good things like fiber for a healthier microbiome. But how do you get enough fiber for a healthy gut?

Homeostasis [Balance] is the name of the gut health game

You could swing by your local health food store and grab a $7 bottle of rose petal kombucha. We’ve all done that when the mood strikes. But what’s important to remember is why you do it. The goal is to find your true gut homeostasis. Of the trillions of bacteria and thousands of strains, it’s difficult to know exactly what strains you need at any one given moment. This is why it’s kind of a crap shoot whena 30 billion, 60 billion or even 100 billion probiotic is your main source of gut health. Or kombucha is your source of gut health – not that it isn’t tasty. It’s just that you could lean too far one way or another within your gut microbiome, which creates an imbalance in the gut. And let’s face it, creating an imbalance with billions of probiotic bacteria is an odd way of trying to reach homeostasis.

First thing’s first: you need more fiber. Once you’ve tackled the produce aisle and added a variety of fibrous vegetables to your regular diet, you can rest assured that your fiber intake will be stronger. Fiber from vegetables is the foundation of gut health, as we all know. The reason? Because fiber from vegetables help produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) like butyrate in the colon. This is what you should be after – protecting your gut lining with butyrate.

Summary of Gut Health

Tributyrin for optimal gut health

Now that you’ve learned about the importance of butyrate–which is produced from the fermentation of undigested vegetable fiber in the colon—-the question is how to  get that butyrate to go to work for your gut lining. Taking oral butyrate doesn’t work because it doesn’t reach the large intestine (aka colon). What if there were way to get a postbiotic tributyrin to reach the small and large intestine even faster? Well, there is!

Enter CoreBiome® tributyrin

CoreBiome® tributyrin is protected by multiple patents-pending.I is the only tributyrin with clinically substantiated bioavailability in the colon and an ongoing clinical study pipeline. CoreBiome tributyrin® is the only tributyrin with regulatory complianceas well as marketable claims. This means that if you’re a formulator, your product has a stronger, proven punch.

We know gut health is a balancing act, and  we also know that postbiotic tributyrin is the way to go to help your gut help itself. Contact us to learn more and we wish to you good health. If you’re interested in fiber and SCFAs, read more in this complete guide on short chain fatty acids.

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