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Why Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA)?

What are Short Chain Fatty Acids?
October 24, 2022

Have you ever heard of vegetable toxicity, or a friend tell you, “Man, I’ve got way too much of a good thing in my gut microbiome?” No.

Short-chain fatty acids come from vegetables, and this article reviews why they matter and why they’re bubbling up in conversation. Learn more about SCFAs and postbiotics by downloading our guide here.

What are Short Chain Fatty Acids

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What’s Up With My Gut?

Digestive issues, bloating or irregularity are common. We either live with it so long that we begin to think it’s normal, or we get desperate to resolve it. This usually involves throwing billions of good bacteria at it and multiple strains. We hope those doses and strains colonize our inflamed gut and resolve those symptoms. Sometimes it works, but temporarily.

But who wants to treat symptoms when you can treat the cause?

Treating symptoms is like having water leaking through your ceiling and you’re grabbing more buckets. Let’s repair the ceiling!

A hole or “leak” in our gut lining is common in those of us with digestive issues, bloating, or irregularity. It can even make it difficult to focus, manage stress or maintain a positive outlook. We may even see skin blemishes break out from a leaky gut. So how to do we repair and protect our leaking gut lining? A short-chain fatty acid called CoreBiome®.

Why Short Chain Fatty Acids

We’re not walking around with good bacteria problems; we’re walking around with bad bacteria problems. We’ve got to play defense against those intruders!

gut health CoreBiome® why short-chain fatty acids

Our gut lining is only one cell thick, stretched like a trampoline. It separates the outside world from our internal organs which makes it arguably the most import organ to human health. Once across the intestinal barrier, bacteria and viruses can enter the blood stream and travel throughout the body and affect nearly all human systems. So protecting this barrier is arguably the most important task in optimal human health.

So what protects and maintains the integrity of that one cell thick intestinal barrier? Yes, as above, a short-chain fatty acid called CoreBiome®.

You may have heard of short-chain fatty acids because they are the end-product of consuming vegetables. This makes SCFAs the most important postbiotic. CoreBiome® is the #1 postbiotic.

When you were a kid and your mom and dad said, “Eat your vegetables!”, they were actually saying, “Come ferment your short-chain fatty acids!” Doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it, but you get the point.

What’s Next is Postbiotics

The future of gut health is vegetables, fiber, prebiotics and new “synbiotics” combining probiotics with a short-chain fatty acid postbiotic like CoreBiome®. That future is now.

What are short chain fatty acids

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Start incorporating postbiotics into your supplement regime with this product. Formulators: make sure to download our complete guide, The Postbiotic Revolution, to see how you can incorporate postbiotics into your formula today.

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