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CoreBiome® is Now Fermented and Made in the USA

The only butyrate that is made by fermentation in the USA
May 9, 2024

It has been five years since we introduced CoreBiome®, our patented, bioavailable, postbiotic butyrate, to the market, and it has been the foundational ingredient for innovative gut health products globally. We have proudly partnered with brands like Gundry MD, Ritual, Beekeepers Naturals and more to deliver meaningful results to consumers everywhere.

This has all been extremely important to us, and to nutraceuticals, but we didn’t want to stop there. Years in the making, we are proudly announcing that CoreBiome® is now made from fermented sources, and made in the USA.

Why does this matter?

Five bullets that sum up a years-long pursuit to do even better for our customers and consumers alike:

  • Bioavailable butyrate is the foundation of gut nutrition and human nutrition
  • Innovation: these nutraceutical advancements offer even greater possibilities to partner with you
  • Fermented-sourced CoreBiome® mimics nature–just as your gut ferments fiber
  • Clean label; no petrochemicals
  • Supply chain is secure and resilient

For more about CoreBiome® or to request samples, contact us!

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