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Which Form of Butyrate is Best?

best butyrate
May 22, 2023

The very best butyrate is bioavailable butyrate from foods rich in fiber. The next best thing is to supplement with superior, patented tributyrin known as CoreBiome®. It’s well known that bioavailable butyrate is the most important nutrient for gut health and overall wellness.


But which butyrate is the best butyrate? In this article, we’ll explore the different types of butyrate and how we can access it.


What is bioavailable butyrate?

Bioavailable butyrate is a form of butyrate that reaches the colon to support gut health, gut barrier function and overall wellness. “Bioavailable” can be used to describe any substance that enters circulation of the body and has an active effect. You can get bioavailable butyrate from eating certain foods or supplements. If we’re talking about getting it through food, the greatest concentrations are found in butter, ghee, cheese, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fiber supplements. Most people can increase butyrate by supplementing with a bioavailable butyrate. Learn more about the 9 benefits of bioavailable butyrate now.


So, which form of bioavailable butyrate is the best?

When it comes to supplementation, not all forms of butyrate are equal. While some have benefits like the ones you see above, there are drawbacks. For example, sodium butyrate smells terrible and it is not bioavailable in the colon. This is where superior patented tributyrin CoreBiome® comes in with the unique form of butyrate that is bioavailable and reaches the colon.

While you’re here, watch this video on short-chain fatty-acids, a big deal for gut health.



Bioavailable butyrate is an important nutrient for gut health, regularity, gut barrier function and overall wellness. There are many forms of bioavailable butyrate but the best is one that you can access quickly and easily. We believe the best is a patented tributyrin called CoreBiome®. This superior ingredient can be found in brands listed below. Be sure to click the links for more information on the best butyrate for you.


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