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New Gaming Study Supports Supplementation Benefits for eSports Athletes

New Gaming Study Performed with Statespace and Aim Lab Training
June 28, 2021
Developing innovative products for the gaming market just got easier with the release of compelling new supplementation data on esports athletes. Our new study, published in the Journal of Exercise and Nutrition, sought to measure how supplementing with specific ingredient combinations, including popular nootropic ingredients TeaCrine® and Dynamine™, would impact eports athletes’ performance in FPS/IPS gaming. About the TeaCrine Dynamine Caffeine Study

The Study

This study leveraged AI-driven Aim Lab software developed by a team of neuroscientists to objectively assess and compare speed, precision, accuracy, reaction time, working memory capacity, and cognitive control during a first person-shooter (FPS) gaming scenario.

The Results

The results demonstrated that supplementation with 75mg Dynamine™ and 50mg TeaCrine® amplified key aspects of cognitive performance such as working memory, speed, cognitive control, and greater consistency in reaction time when added to a moderate 125mg dose of caffeine (i.e., the amount found in an 8 oz cup of coffee). In addition, Dynamine™ plus TeaCrine® were able to decrease the error rates (e.g., identifying false targets in FPS scenario) and jitteriness associated with isolated caffeine supplementation. Self-assessment of performance was also highest in the group using Dynamine™ plus TeaCrine® and caffeine.

Powerful Nootropic Ingredients

These data support the addition of TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ to caffeine in recreational gamers looking to improve their performance in eSports. When coupled with previously published pharmacokinetic data on the TeaCrine®+Dynamine™+caffeine combo, the implications across user groups are endless. These two ingredients are even more versatile with updated flavor masking options. Dosage formats to consider in the areas of eSports and nootropics:

Final Word

Adding a nootropic element to popular caffeinated applications, or creating a nootropic product can benefit anyone seeking improvements in:
  • working memory
  • speed
  • cognitive control
  • consistency in reaction time
While also decreasing:
  • error rates
  • jitteriness
For more information about the new data, TeaCrine®, Dynamine™ or flavor masking options, please reach out to us! If you are looking for finished products featuring this dynamic combination, visit our product carousels to find what suits you:


La Monica, et. al., Effects of TeaCrine® (theacrine), Dynamine™ (methylliberine), and caffeine on gamer psychomotor performance in a first-person shooter video game scenario This study was performed leveraging Aim Lab, created by Statespace Labs, as the gaming software. Statespace and Aim Lab are established and trusted resources in cognitive data analysis and cognitive training.

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