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Collagen, Phase 2: Beauty from within and gut-skin

January 30, 2020

If you’re a global brand, look to Asia. While the opportunity in North America is giant, the opportunity in Asia is colossal. The opportunities in beauty-from-within are more complex due to various dosage forms including powder, capsule, creams and more.

In powder form, your collagen product could include ceramides, selenium, SOD (superoxide dismutase), grape seed extract, trace mineral complexes, avocado oil powder (as goFAT®) and more. Hyaluronic acid and biotin are obvious options, as well. Make sure to download more collagen formula suggestions in our Women’s Guide.

Collagen marketers are often vegan and pigeon-holed into making collagen “boosters.” That’s okay! All of the ingredients above can be encapsulated.

For those “in the know” with topicals, ceramides aren’t new and they are looking for the next big thing to stack. This may be the time when ceramides are combined with older ingredients like NADH and SOD and re-purposed and re-messaged in this space.

Gut-Skin axis


It’s said that we are what we eat. In plain English, this mantra means everything we eat passes through the gut; so we cannot talk about health without talking about what we eat and how it influences our gut.

If you’re interested in how the gut may influence your skin and beauty from within, please call us. We’re looking for a select few clients to launch in this space.

Don’t forget to download our Women’s Formulas Guide to get our collagen formula suggestions!

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