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Compound Solutions is Certified as a Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work
March 19, 2021

Compound Solutions is a mighty team of around twenty-five people and we’re growing. Innovators by nature and trade, we are always seeking to improve and be better. Not just as ingredient suppliers, but as colleagues, friends, and humans.

The first step in doing better is gaining insight on where we need to improve. This happens in-house, with our team of natural born leaders and passionate like-minded folks. If they aren’t happy, we don’t have a happy company. This matters to us in the here-and-now and it will certainly affect end-user experiences–we believe that.

We rolled up our sleeves and did the deep dive into what makes our Compound Solutions team happy  (so we can do more of it) and where we can improve (so we can get better at things!).

How we were certified

We sent a Great Place to Work® survey out to our team with a two-week window to complete. Our Compound Solutions’ President, Kim Sickinger, could not have been more clear: we wanted honest answers. It does not do any good if we give positive ratings when we really need to work on it. The results came in and we were understandably not surprised. We were certifiably happy!

So what does this really mean to formulators or partner brands out there? Well, it means that the Compound Solutions team gets to brag about how great their company is. It means that our team has pride in the fact that we really do love our jobs. And when the team loves their job and wants to do their best for our clients, partners, and each other, why, you’re getting the very best, friends!

How we’re using our new badge of honor

Resting on our laurels is a “never” for us. This reinvigoration only pushes us to continue to be great. We’re so very proud of this and are especially happy to share it with you all.


After all, Compound Solutions cannot innovate and get better unless we continuously innovate and get better.

Compound Solutions Great Place to Work


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