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CSI Tasting Room: Healthy Sweets (Featuring Smart Sweets)

healthy sweets
September 9, 2020

Now that consumers are becoming more aware of what goes into their bodies, brands are creating healthier alternatives to the typical snacks and sweet treats we are all used to.

Our series, CSI Tasting Room, aims to look at different formulas and products and dive deeper. We examine what makes a product innovative, what products will help you achieve your goals, and why ingredients make such a difference.

Healthy Sweets Tasting

On this episode of CSI Tasting Room, we taste test healthier alternatives to sweets that are currently on the market. We tried Smart Sweets, Eat Me Guilt Free brownies, and Good Day Chocolate. Check out the video below, and follow the links below to purchase any of these sweets!


Now, how to replace sugar-filled formulas? We have a few quick formulation tips on how to make a healthy treat without sacrificing taste.

How to Make a Treat Healthier

  1. One way to make a sweet formula more nutrient-dense is to add fat! Our ingredient, goCOCOA, solves the nutrient issue as well as taste/texture. It gives any formula a chocolatey, creamy flavor that is unmatched.
  2. Use natural sweeteners like Stevia or monk fruit. Consuming sweeteners like these doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar like regular sugars do.


If you want to purchase any of the treats mentioned in the video, click on the links below:

Smart Sweets

Eat Me Guilt Free

Good Day Chocolate


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