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Is Sugar the New Cigarette? Plus: How to Respond to this Market Demand

Article: Is Sugar the Next Cigarette?
May 28, 2024

Coca-Cola wouldn’t market Coke Zero if it weren’t making money from the “zero -sugar” movement. We’re shifting away from sugar like we’ve shifted away from cigarettes.

Learn more about sugar’s impact on the market.


Here are some sugar-substitute sweetening ingredients that just don’t make the cut:

  •  Sucralose and Ace-K are synthetic
  • Monk fruit isn’t sweet enough and comes with high cost
  • Allulose offers versatility but may add unwanted bulk
  • Stevia, though natural, often leaves a bitter aftertaste and needs help on the back-end


The solution with no downsides:

Our fermented Reb M (as OnoSweet™) bypasses these issues. It doesn’t just mask bitter aftertastes—it eliminates them, making it a superb standalone option or in combination with Reb A stevia. At 250 times the sweetness of sugar and derived from fermented sugarcane (not corn), OnoSweet™ offers a uniquely potent and sustainable choice.

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