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TeaCrine®’s Energy vs. Caffeine’s Energy

March 17, 2022

What makes TeaCrine®’s energy different from caffeine’s?

Well, both modulate adenosine, which is what signals fatigue.

But, caffeine hits adenosine head-on. Adenosine can no longer fire the fatigue signal.

TeaCrine®, on the other hand, “unlocks” adenosine through the side door. It isn’t as aggressive as caffeine’s signal, so adenosine can still fire – just to a lesser degree.

Because of this, feelings of fatigue are reduced when you take TeaCrine®. And even after 60 days of taking it, your body hasn’t produced more adenosine. Your body has not habituated.

With caffeine, the feelings of fatigue are blocked for a time, making you feel more awake.  After 4-5 days of caffeine, your body makes more adenosine. Translation: you’re becoming dependent on caffeine.

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of taking the combination of Teacrine® and Dynamine™ over just plain old coffee, we have news. Right now, you can head over to, the official direct-to-you site from Compound Solutions. We encourage you to try a bottle of Bright Energy for yourself and see how you feel. Find Bright Energy here. 

One last thing, check out this helpful infographic below! 

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