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New Data: A Study on Vigilance by the University of South Carolina and Compound Solutions

TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ Vigilance study
August 30, 2022

The combination of Teacrine® and Dynamine™ has had a winning record for a few years. This is true for vigilance and attenuation but the latest study on the effects of the combination of TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ on mental acuity and focus adds to the series of wins for this proven combination.


Dr. Shawn Arent was the lead on the  TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ study for vigilance and marksmanship. A professor and chair of the department of science and exercise at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Arent was able to conduct a study on tactical marksmanship while using TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ and caffeine. What happens to performance? Focus? Mood? So many questions!


In the study, there were three groups: caffeine alone, the combo group which included 150mg caffeine + 100mg Dynamine™ + 50mg TeaCrine®, and the third group which was simply a placebo group. The study was conducted because of the interest in vigilance and marksmanship in any tactical performance. Compound Solutions believed strongly that the combination of proprietary ingredients, TeaCrine® + Dynamine™ and caffeine would prove to be valuable to those seeking to improve their own vigilance.


Watch this video created by our team and the team at University of South Carolina. We go in-depth and understand how marksmanship and accuracy stayed consistent longer when using both TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ combined with caffeine. This means if you’re a gamer – you win more. If  tactical marksmanship is required for your job or day-to-day activities, this is the winning combination. 

Watch the video now: NEW STUDY, NEW DATA

The vigilance and attenuation study findings in a nutshell

Here’s what was discovered:

  • The combination of 150 mg caffeine, 100 mg of Dynamine™, and 50 mg of TeaCrine® improved reaction time and mental acuity.
  • The caffeine-Dynamine™-TeaCrine® combo resulted in more favorable changes in heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Adding Dynamine™ and TeaCrine® to caffeine formulas may provide greater benefits than more caffeine.

Different from the goals set out in our official gaming study video, this study paid closer attention to potential declines in performance, which didn’t occur in CDT. This left Compound Solutions proud, once again, when it comes to the benefits of TeaCrine® and Dynamine™.

vigilance and attenuation

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