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Keto and Collagen: Phase 2 Collagen Formulas

January 29, 2020

Keto and collagen – how do we merge the two? Keto is also known as the low-carb movement. Low-carb is a global macro trend that could last years or decades. It may morph into the “low sugar” movement as people separate fiber carbs from sugar carbs, but low-carb will remain.

If low-carb is the macro trend, then micro trends include diets like keto or paleo. In this article, NutraIngredients polled 1,259 registered dietitians and the dietitians said high-fat, moderate protein and low-carb will remain the top diet trend of 2020.

Low-carb is most often a synonym for low-sugar or “no net carbs.” A net carb is a carb that doesn’t come from fiber. This movement is also associated with a focus on low-glycemic, low-blood sugar.

How Do We Tap Into the Collagen Trend with Keto?

You can add goMCT on acacia fiber and play off the MCT as a healthy fat and acacia as prebiotic fiber to support satiety and blood sugar in already healthy ranges. Some may call it “keto friendly” given the MCT.  Adding chromium could tap into the low blood sugar movement.


using goMCT with keto and collagen formulas


Keto and Collagen: Chocolate Edition

You can turn your chocolate into a smooth, low-carb indulgence. Chocolates typically contain carbs from cocoa powder; but using cocoa butter powder (as goCOCOA) turns your collagen into a rich, low-carb treat. Other fats like coconut oil powder (as goFAT) also create a smooth texture and can even turn your collagen into a meal replacement product. Coconut can be messaged as a “superfood” while avocado (avocado oil powder) can be messaged as beauty-from-within. Make sure to download our complete guide to women’s formulas, including collagen ideas, here!

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