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Introducing: Fibriss® Organic Baobab Fiber

Fibriss™ fiber powder official video
February 18, 2022

Sometimes we lose things. Like car keys, ear pods, organic baobab fiber, days of the week, and even keeping track of our nutrition. Did we mention fiber? We lose track because we’re humans and humans – shocker – are fallible. It’s not surprising that, try as we might, we forget fiber intake. Sexy stuff, right? The truth is, fiber intake is vital to our existence as humans because fiber intake helps with gut health and gut health is human health

Organic Boabab Your New Fiber Source

The first step in getting more fiber in your diet is to get your hands on it. This means it needs to be way more accessible. Formulators, you’re up.

Months ago we got to work researching the best source of organic baobab fiber on earth. Taking a note from indigenous people with regular fiber intake of 100 grams daily (our daily intake should be between 25 grams to 35 grams and, generally, 95% of Americans do not meet that requirement), we found it in South Africa by way of the baobab tree. The baobab tree is also known as the “Tree of Life” because it’s been around for 200 million years, sustaining life on earth. The fruit is a supreme source of fiber and organic baobab fiber is a supreme way to find gut microbiome homeostasis.

As an ingredient supplier, it is an honor to work with raw, good, sustainable ingredients. We teamed up with Baobab Foods in South Africa and learned about their philosophy, their actual harvesting and processing cycles, and what good this Tree of Life has done and continues to do for the planet and people. 

They have a transparent supply chain and are certified as organic. In the USA, Baobab Foods LLC is registered with Ecocert for the US market. In South Africa they are registered with both Ecocert and BCS for both the US and European markets. They are FSSC 22000 certified, SQF Level 2 certified, certified Kosher in the US by the Orthodox Union and in South Africa by the Union Of Orthodox Synagogues Of South Africa. As a source-to-finish product, Baobab Foods LLC is one of the rare companies that is fully involved at every step of the entire supply chain. Learn more about their certifications here.

Organic baobab fiberOrganic baobab fiberOrganic baobab fiber

Better Ingredients for Better Gut Health

On our side, we want every formulator to innovate and formulate for the rainbow that we should be eating. This means better ingredients that do better for humans. It starts here, with Fibriss®, organic baobab fiber that wants better for us all.

Formulators: health and wellness is counting on you to make fiber tasty, sexy, accessible and on every shelf for every human. Let’s go.

Finally, after researching, producing, gathering, editing, looking, sharing, feeling, and supporting the entirety of this special ingredient’s launch, we wanted to share with you the video that we hope tells the real, good story of organic baobab fiber and Fibriss®. We believe in this source of fiber powder as our top fiber ingredient and we know that Fibriss® will be the #1 fiber powder ingredient in the world. And now for a little cinema:

Watch the official Fibriss® video here:

Want to learn more about who we are as a company? Read this. 

Formulators, we want to tell you more about this new ingredient and answer all of your questions. Contact us.

Ever wonder about our connections, friends, network, and league of formulation? Learn more.

Not a formulator but want to know much, much more about how you can get your hands on more fiber powder through Fibriss®? We got you covered. 

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