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The Science Behind Organic Fiber: A Review of Fibriss®

Fiber Fibriss™
January 27, 2022

Gut health is human health. While you may have heard this ad nauseam, it is true. So very, very true. This is why our goal of getting organic fiber powder Fibriss® into the hands of formulators and on every shelf matters to us. Fibriss® is organic fiber powder and we know it is going to make a difference in how humans increase fiber intake. You’ve seen the video, now read on for the background, science, and gut health awareness we all need.

What is Fibriss®?

organic fiber powder95% of Americans do not get enough fiber. This is a problem greater than most of us will acknowledge (or take regular, consistent action on) and we believe there’s a solution: Fibriss® is a wild-harvested, 3-in-1 organic baobab fiber.

Of course there are other fiber powders out there but here are three main things you should know about Fibriss®:

Fibriss® is for anyone who needs to increase their fiber intake. Unless you are of the elite 5% of Americans who get 25 grams – 35 grams daily, then this is for you. The first step in increasing fiber in your diet is to actually go get it. This means we’re calling on you, formulators, to make it accessible! This is your opportunity to make an organic fiber powder formula with Fibriss® right now.

What is organic fiber powder?

Also known as the  Tree of Life, the baobab fruit tree has been sustaining life for over 200 million years. The seeds ripen and fall to the ground or harvested, all the while they can maintain their edible usefulness for up to 10 years! Indigenous peoples in Africa (where the baobab tree is found) have been known to regularly ingest 100 grams a day based on a diet that consists of organic baobab fiber. Having the most diverse microbiomes on the planet is enough for any culture on earth to take a lesson from these peoples. Baobab fiber powder from the baobab tree is the ideal source of superfood fiber.

What are key benefits of Fibriss®?

Ideal for applications like fiber drinks, greens/reds and add-to-collagen, organic baobab fiber powder through Fibriss® can support numerous aspects and applications for gut health.


  • Digestive health
  • Add to greens/reds
  • Add to collagen
  • Shakes and meal replacements
  • Add to shakes / smoothies
  • Vegan protein
  • Weight management
  • Fiber. Period.

Why is Fiber Essential?

Gut health is human health. Fiber helps health.

Healthy gut microbiota is a major benefit from Fibriss®.  Preventing things like bloat, constipation, and removing waste from the body all matter in the overall gut health you need.

Fiber in your diet through Fibriss® means you help with

  • regularity
  • flatter tummy
  • feeling full
  • having a healthy glow

Maintain blood sugar in already healthy ranges

organic fiber powderStudies have shown that organic baobab fiber like Fibriss® has limited blood sugar spikes so this could help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Healthy blood sugar is foundational to human health.

Manage your weight

High organic fiber powder intake can help satiate you in the immediate term. In the longer run, maintaining a high fiber diet helps your gut regulate metabolism. More fiber and better metabolism makes weight management much more possible.

Final Thoughts

Organic baobab fiber is wild-harvested, sustainable and arguably the #1 fiber powder in the world.

We have a video we’d love you to watch:

Watch the official Fibriss® video here:


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