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Tributyrin and Gut Health: Here’s the Scoop

Benefits of Tributyrin
February 2, 2022

The main benefits of tributyrin include getting postbiotic butyrate to your colon, as well as nourishing your WHOLE gut from small to large intestine.

Butyrate is the end-goal for gut health, but getting enough can be difficult. Butyrate can break down before it reaches the colon, where the real work happens. With this supplement, some butyrate is released in the small intestine while some travels all the way to the colon. With a unique and patented tributyrin like Corebiome®, you’re reassured butyrate reaches the colon, reaping the benefits from small to large intestine through postbiotic butyrate.

Tributyrin and Gut Health

Good gut microbes feed off our good diet. If we eat poorly, we may feel full momentarily, but the real damage is in the fact that the bad bacteria feed off our poor diet, multiplying the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria like H. pylori or candida multiply and out-compete our good bacteria. This imbalance can cause real damage to our gut lining (aka “leaky gut”), allow pathogens to enter our blood, lead to inflammation, and directly or indirectly affect nearly all biological systems, which is why gut health is key to overall health and wellness. Tributyrin supplements like patented Corebiome®  may help re-balance the gut in a way nourishes and optimizes the gut lining. You can read where to find tributyrin and postbiotics here.

Tributyrin Benefits in a Nutshell

The science backs the health benefits of this supplement as a way to get butyrate to the colon for optimal postbiotic benefits. But in everyday terms, what are the real benefits of it for gut health in your daily life? CoreBiome flowchart

Tributyrin supplements can support the body’s ability to function at maximized potential in:

  • gut barrier protection
  • supporting the growth of good bacteria
  • promoting immune health
  • optimizing digestion and regularity
  • aiding metabolism

 Optimal gut health

Patented CoreBiome® tributyrin is the only supplement with clinically substantiated bioavailability in the colon and an ongoing clinical study pipeline.  With regulatory compliance as well as marketable claims, it is the #1 postbiotic. This means that if you’re a formulator, your product has a stronger, demonstrable punch.

We know gut health is a balancing act, but we also know that the benefits of this supplement are worth it and the strongest way to help your gut help itself.

If you’re interested in fiber and SCFAs, read more in this complete guide on short chain fatty acids.

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