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Find Your Optimal Energy Blend with TeaCrine® and Dynamine™

March 17, 2022

Whether you’re a biohacker, gamer, WFH professional, or formulator, this guide will help you dial in the perfect combination of energy, mood and focus with TeaCrine® and Dynamine™.

What is TeaCrine®?

TeaCrine® is a patented compound derived from the kucha tea leaf that delivers energy, mood, motivation and focus. TeaCrine® is ideal for anyone looking to increase their energy levels without increasing their heart rate or blood pressure.

Dynamine™ (methylliberine), on the other hand, is derived from the same tea leaf but is a faster-acting, harder-hitting compound. It has a shorter mechanism of action, so when you pair the two together, you get optimal energy.

Science of Optimal Energy

As for the science, our recent PK study suggests that Dynamine™, TeaCrine® and caffeine performed better than caffeine alone, and better than the caffeine and Dynamine™ combo.

In a 2018 study at Rutgers University, the TeaCrine® – caffeine combo performed better than placebo and caffeine alone in several measures including both physical and cognitive performance. Watch the summary here.

After many months of testing and discussion, the Compound Solutions team has agreed on their favorite combination that includes caffeine, Dynamine™ and TeaCrine® in the perfect combo we call “Bright Energy”. This is the optimal energy blend. It seems to promote just the right amount of non-jittery, fast-acting, long-lasting energy (+ mood elevation!) for all of life’s activities. That combination includes:

Dynamine™: 100 mg
TeaCrine®: 50 mg
Caffeine: 150 mg


If you’re a formulator who is new to TeaCrine® and Dynamine™, we understand that application comes first and then practical dosages stem from there, so we’d recommend learning about the sensory experience first-hand with our proofs-of-concept (pictured above) and then dialing in with full samples. Request samples here.

If you’re just trying to find the best energy and mood product to support your lifestyle, check out our finished goods product carousels for a wide range of options:

If you’re in-between favorite brands and just want to try this powerful combination out in a raw, smaller form, check out Bright Energy. This is the first product from our official Compound Solutions line of direct-to-you ingredients. So go on and buy the Bright Energy bottle and let us know what you think. Find Bright Energy here. 

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