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CoreBiome® Tributyrin: The Source of Wellness

CoreBiome® Tributyrin Wellness
January 13, 2022


CoreBiome® Tributyrin is indeed the source of wellness. In fact, we truly believe the gut is the “Master Switch To Wellness.” Nearly all our internal systems are influenced by the gut—from the heart and brain to skin and immune. If you can master the gut, then you can often master the other systems. What this means in practice is that a depleted immune system or cognitive dysfunction like “feeling the blues” can often be ameliorated by improved gut health. Taking CoreBiome® tributyrin will help with the gut, but we’ll begin with fundamental gut health.

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Tributyrin is Great for the gut, but Fiber is important. Let’s Start there.

For the most part, we’re not walking around with a good bacteria problem; we’re walking around with a bad bacteria problem. We know this because an estimated 95% of Americans are NOT getting enough fiber (1). Fiber is food for the gut. So we may be full, but our good gut microbiota are starving. Bad bacteria feed off our poor diet and multiply. Bad bacteria like H. pylori or candida multiply and out-compete our good bacteria.

When this occurs, our gut lacks balance, and balance (homeostasis) is the goal of gut health and overall human health.

CoreBiome® Tributyrin Gut Health

When it comes to probiotics, balance is the real issue.

Of the trillions of bacteria and thousands of strains, it’s difficult to know exactly what strains YOU need at any one given moment. Creating an imbalance with billions of probiotic bacteria is an odd way of trying to reach the goal—homeostasis. So what do we do?

The first order of business is to eat vegetables. The fiber that comes from vegetables is the foundation of gut health. This is because undigested fiber helps produce short-chain fatty acids like butyrate in the colon. Butyrate helps maintain the intestinal lining, which is our last line of defense against bad bacteria entering our bloodstream and causing whole-body inflammation and imbalance.

Ingesting pure butyrate isn’t as effective because it doesn’t reach the colon. In fact, most of it is absorbed in the stomach before even reaching the small intestine, let alone the large intestine (aka, the colon) (source: Gaschott 2001). The colon is where the action happens—fermenting fiber to make butyrate. So what does reach the colon? Tributyrin (as patent-pending CoreBiome®).

CoreBiome® tributyrin from Compound Solutions is the only tributyrin in the world with clinical data showing it reaches the colon.

In fact, CoreBiome®  tributyrin reaches both the small and large intestines for the greatest overall impact. While the colon is where the fermentation action happens, we can’t ignore the small intestine as that is where Small Bacterial Intestinal Overgrowth (SIBO) happens. The small intestine is where bad bacteria proliferate and outcompete good bacteria (2).

From a postbiotic supplements standpoint, the foundation of gut health, and arguably human health, is bioavailable tributyrin (as CoreBiome®) from Compound Solutions. CoreBiome® tributyrin is the only tributyrin in the world offered in three dosage forms: granules for encapsulation, liquid and powder. It’s the only tributyrin the world that can work in all of these dosage forms below.

  • Two-piece capsule
  • “Pixie stix”
  • Gummies
  • Functional foods
  • Softgels
  • Liquid caps
  • DuoCaps or ComboCaps
  • Tinctures/droppers
  • RTDs/shots
  • Powders (patent-pending) for coffees, greens, collagen and more

CoreBiome® tributyrin

CoreBiome® tributyrin is protected by multiple patents-pending and it is the only tributyrin with clinically substantiated bioavailability in the colon and an ongoing clinical study pipeline. It’s the only tributyrin showing it can boost butyrate-producing bacteria in a POSITIVE feedback loop (patent-pending).

CoreBiome tributyrin® is the ONLY tributyrin with regulatory compliance. And CoreBiome® tributyrin is the only tributyrin with marketable claims.

Overall health is dependent on our gut health. Our gut microbiome is our lead soldier guiding us in our lifelong campaign for wellness. What is fascinating is that even our gut has a leader, and that leader is tributyrin (as CoreBiome®). She is strong like Mother Earth, but she could also use some help. So when you’re formulating with CoreBiome® tributyrin, consider complementary ingredients including fibers, prebiotics, resistant starches and polyphenols. Because it’s nearly impossible to supplement with enough fiber without feeling bloated, consider supplementing with CoreBiome® tributyrin to activate your Master Switch To Wellness.

Still unsure why CoreBiome® Tributyrin is the source of wellness? Dive into more learning materials about Tributyrin when you read this article. We also suggest you read the complete guide on short-chain fatty acids. So when you’re ready to make the connection to gut health, our team is ready to help you in your next formulation journey.

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  • Andrea says:

    is corebiome already fermented before it’s ingested?

    • Kelsey says:

      Hi Andrea. Could you advise why you ask? What is your ultimate goal? Hopefully we can answer both your immediate and end-goal questions if we can get a little more clarity. Thanks!

  • Deborah L Haley says:

    I’m currently getting 1000
    mg of CoreBiome Tributyrin from Viscera 3 by Sane Laboratories. It works amazingly but I’m on social security so it is far to expensive for me.Is there another way to get it. Perhaps subscription wise so it is cheaper. I have come to realize that I need it after having 18 centemeters removed from my colon. Thank you.

  • John Abendroth says:

    Does tributyrin act the same way as butyrate? What is the difference and similarity between the two?

    • Kelsey says:

      Yes, it does. Tributyrin is three butyrate molecules with a glycerol backbone which helps deliver it all along the small and large intestines. Thanks for your interest!

  • Carolyn McCardell says:


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