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What is Mental Stamina: A [New] Gaming Study Tells All

Elite Gamers and Mental Stamina: A new gaming study
March 4, 2022

What is Mental Stamina? A new gaming study reveals that a combination of TeaCrine®, Dynamine™ and caffeine was superior to caffeine-alone. The combination increased mental performance (mental stamina) without increasing anxiety observed in the caffeine-only group. This new research demonstrated that elite gamers who pull long gaming marathons can remain vigilant and focused without the jitters and anxiety associated with caffeine and declines in gaming performance.

Elite Gamers and Mental Stamina: a new gaming study

What is Mental Stamina? Gaming study evidence Reveals All

Most gaming study evidence has proven that caffeine in the range of 32 – 300 mg can help improve neurobehavioral performance. The increased use of caffeine to maintain perceived drive for games can have unwanted side effects including (but not limited to) tension, anxiety, and jitteriness. This can cause a decrease in precision, accuracy and lower performance overall in First-Person Shooter games, for example.

The goal of this gaming study: gaming performance without jitters and anxiety

Ultimately the goal of this gaming study was to answer the question, “What is mental stamina?” and to know if elite gamers–and gamers of all levels–could stay alert for longer periods of time without having to increase caffeine. Could you the gaming study determine whether Caffeine + TeaCrine + Dynamine could increase neurobehavioral performance without increasing the unwanted side-effects?

How the gaming study worked

For the lovers of science and data, here’s how the study was set up: 50 gamers were tested for neurobehavioral performance through a battery of cognitive challenges. Additionally, neurophysiological arousal was captured and studied through a single channel EEG (Enchanted Wave, LLC) with the electrode positioned at the prefrontal-lobe location. Finally, salivary cortisol and alpha amylase were quantified through a competitive immunoassay or kinetic reaction.

For the lovers of fresh new information, here’s the bottom line: Big indicators that this combination of TeaCrine®, Dynamine™ and caffeine can increase energy mobilization are the increase in cortisol in the CTD groups. Cortisol isn’t all bad. In fact, without it we’d die! In this instance, it means more energy for longer periods of time. Another indicator that the TeaCrine®, Dynamine™ and caffeine combination can be more useful to everyday and elite gamers is that the caffeine-only group had significantly increased anxiety post-dose when compared to placebo. This means gamers get jittery, inaccurate and can lose performance with caffeine-only. The combination is superior. The EEG channel changes in the study also showed increased cognitive control (theta waves), something that improves overall focus. Focus, precision and accuracy matter for gaming athletes and all consumers who also live outside of gaming.

Benefits of this powerful combination to non-gamers

If this gaming study revealed the power of the TeaCrine®, Dynamine™ and caffeine combination for elite gamers, imagine what these neurobehavioral findings mean to the average Joe or Jane? While not everything is a first-person shooter game, it can definitely be a grand-theft obstacle to run errands with kids in a busy parking lot on a rainy day! Having the mental stamina, fast reflexes, energy, and alertness necessary to power through daily tasks can improve your day-to-day. If gaming is your life, think about your motivation and mood when you’re not gaming. The bottom line: this gaming study means everything you do in life is more than a game. The combination helps with ENERGY FOR ALL.

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