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Buy Gaming Products with Extended Energy Benefits

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November 2, 2021

We don’t want to brag but we did just conduct a seminal gaming study leveraging AIM Lab, created by Statespace. The study concluded that supplementation with 75mg Dynamine™ and 50mg of TeaCrine® amplified key aspects of cognitive control, and greater consistency in reaction time when added to a moderate 125mg dose of caffeine (about an 8oz. cup of coffee). This is great for gaming products with extended energy benefits.

To say we’re proud of the findings for the gaming product market is an understatement. We know and trust the benefits of both TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ – taken separately or together – and we believe the decrease in error rates and jitteriness for Esport gamers can be, excuse us, game-changing.

Simply put, we believe gamers should seek more from their energy gaming products. Extended benefits and functionality like nootropics make better gamers, players, and humans. Here’s where to buy the best gaming products with extended energy benefits.

Want to learn more about the study in exactly 4-minutes and 4-seconds? Watch this.


Gitch Energy CO® – Glitch

Glitch Energy Drink Key Highlights
2000mg – Taurine
1000mg – Tyrosine
150mg – Green Tea Leaf Extract (95% Polyphenols)
100mg – Dynamine™

The team over at Glitch Energy is pioneering “energy with a purpose.” Not directionless, jittery energy, but purposeful energy with a cognitive kick enabling hours of focus and mood elevation. They use a unique combination of natural caffeine, polyphenols, tyrosine and Dynamine™ to elevate and extend the sensory experience. This formula is felt immediately, and you’ll feel it for up to 100% longer than a typical caffeine-only product. It’s designed for improved mood and focus without a crash. Glitch is now available in three flavors!


REDCON® – WarGames™

Key Highlights
250mg – Rhodiola
150mg – Dynamine™
125mg – TeaCrine®

Gaming Products War Games30mg – Grape Seed Extract10mg – Marigold Flower Extract

REDCON put together an energy formula that takes a very different approach. While nearly all competitors in gaming use ~150mg caffeine, WarGames™ is at 80mg. In addition to caffeine, WarGames is supported by adaptogens, lutein, and large content of Dynamine and TeaCrine. WarGames is designed for everyday use and may also promote eye health while reducing fatigue. Dynamine enhances caffeine while TeaCrine® improves not just energy, but mood and focus for hours. WarGames is now available in 3 flavors. 


Super Duper Labs® – Gaming EnergyGaming Products

Key Highlights

1,500mg – L-Tyrosine

1,000mg – Choline Bitartrate

300mg – Super Duper Caffeine™

75mg – Dyanmine™


Super Duper built a straight forward energy complex with its newest Gaming Energy product. With a large dose of both tyrosine and choline, backed by a proprietary 300mg caffeine blend, users will feel a rapid increase in energy. The 75mg of Dynamine™ extends the half-life of caffeine, so the sensory experience lasts for hours. Super Duper is available in a variety of flavors, all of which we found to be excellent. 


K1® –  Exploit™K1 Exploit

Key Highlights

1775mg – K1 Neuro Speed-Reaction-Agility-Accuracy Blend™
1097 – K1 Stamina Sustained Attention Performance ™
930mg – K1 Cognitive Flow State GMR Matrix™
415mg – K1 Energy-Mood-Focus GMR Matrix™

The formulators at K1 created arguably the most unique gaming formula yet. K1 contains more patented ingredients at clinical dosages than any other gaming product we’ve seen. After ingesting it, you should feel not just heightened energy, but also focus and attention without jitters or anxiety.  K1 now has more than 5 flavors available, as well as sample packets for purchase.



Want to learn more about gaming?  Read this comprehensive guide on supplements in gaming now.

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