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BCAAs vs. EAAs: Know the difference before you buy another thing

June 5, 2022

First off, why formulate with aminos right now?
Short answer: the market is ready. Supplement sales have spiked and people are working out at home in unprecedented numbers. It’s time to know more about the science between BCAAs and EAAs. It gets much better when you consider vegan options, too.

Which is right for your new amino formula: EAAs or BCAAs?

We’d argue EAAs have several advantages over BCAAs, though each belongs in the conversation for new applications. Consider the data and applications below.

  • Interest in EAAs is rising while interest in BCAAs is declining.


  • Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) have been shown to stimulate more muscle protein synthesis than Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).
  • Launching with BCAAs can make the product look dated; EAAs are now commonly known to be superior.
  • Both EAAs and BCAAs have a lower calorie count than protein for an intra or post-workout; also lower dose and lower cost-per-dose
  • EAAs are ideal for pre- or intra-workout fuel for those who are working out fasted
  • Amino9®, Compound Solutions’ proprietary EAA blend, has a clinically backed ratio of all nine essential amino acids

Innovation opportunities for amino products right now

Endurance training (functional workouts)

While CrossFit isn’t the phenomenon it once was, consumers didn’t stop valuing functional exercise. But what ingredients best combine strength and endurance?

1. Adaptogens

Year over year adaptogen growth 2018-2019 shows this category is booming.

Adaptogen Trend 2018-2019

Adaptogens are ideal in both stim and non-stim formulas. They can bridge bodybuilding and active lifestyle categories. PeakO2® is ideal in a pre-workout or amino formula.

  • Pre-workout: move beyond beta-alanine and citrulline and add PeakO2®
    • PeakO2® and creatine
  • Amino: Adding PeakO2® to an EAA
  • Greens: “active lifestyle” greens by adding PeakO2®. Bonus: PeakO2® is organic-certified.
  • Collagen: “active lifestyle” collagen with PeakO2®.

2. Fasted cardio

Breakfast can be problematic for those working out in the morning. So, how do you fuel yourself?

  • Amino9® EAAs for muscle fuel
  • PeakO2® for adaptogenic power and endurance
  • goBHB® ketones for non-carb energy
  • Coffee + goBHB® or Amino9® or goMCT® or PeakO2®

To discuss your amino formula with our team, tell us about your project here.

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