Ingredient: Dynamine™

New clinical trial demonstrates impressive synergy between caffeine and Dynamine®

March 11th, 2020

CSI and a university research partner have concluded a landmark clinical study demonstrating the synergy between Dynamine® and caffeine, as well as Dynamine® and TeaCrine® in combination with caffeine. The data suggests an increase in the benefits of caffeine using a lower dose, thereby minimizing any adverse effects. Dynamine®’s safety profile and regulatory compliance —…

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Nutrition and Supplementation in Gaming: The Ultimate Guide

January 7th, 2020

Proper nutrition is critical to an athlete’s performance, focus, stamina, and recovery. Field sport athletes have known about the importance of a proper diet for decades, but only recently has the same attention been given to the eating habits of eSports athletes, or nutrition in gaming. While much debate has raged over whether gamers really…

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